Allelujah revisited

It is likely that the Organum version of Kyrie Cuntipotens Genitor found at Compostela Cathedral was brought there by pilgrims from the cathedral at Notre Dame. Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (the precursor to the famed current-day cathedral) was a major stop on the Pilgrimage. 

Perotin (“little Pierre”) was responsible for this great organum. He is believed to have flourished around the turn of the thirteenth century.
The institutional church’s view of organum was ambivalent. Some, such as John of Salisbury, viewed it as the work of the devil, writing: “they can more easily occasion titillation between the legs than a sense of devotion in the brain.” Others like Bishop Odo, sensed its utility and beauty.

Alleluia Nativitas gloriose virginis Marie
ex semine Abrahe orta de tribu Juda
clara ex stripe David.

O glorious nativity of the Virgin Mary,
born of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of shining Judea,
out of the stock of David


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