Belly piercing

I have a soft spot for the navel. It’s a often ignored but very sensuous place. So I don’t care for tongue piercings, clit piercings, labia piercings or decorated nipples, but I love to see a belly piercing.

I may have strange tastes, but I don’t care…


4 thoughts on “Belly piercing

  1. Do I understand right you might go for the belly one, as well Mona Lisa? The lady with the mystery smile and a belly jewel… Seems good to me, ML!



  2. No nipple piercings, or piercings in naughty places, abby? I always imagined you with at least one nipple piercing. Don't ask me why, I think you had them.

    Well the belly piercing is definitely worth a try!
    Be bold,
    Be daring,



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