Nope, no piercings for me or my Wanita. Earlobes excluded.. In work it was forbidden for men and women to wear earrings because in a fight they could rip it from your ear and your ear had to be stitched… After it happened twice it was forbidden.

I never knew there could be piercings in places I shiver about, especially the male ones, smile.
This is an example of different places you van put a needle in…

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Penetrating

  1. What do I think?
    I think piercings are different than tattoo's. I know a lot of people all kinds of people that have a small tattoo somewhere and it often has a special meaning for them. It's not just body decoration but a statement.

    I think this is either body decoration or just showing off, how bold you are…

    That is what I think,


  2. Oh no, not for this girl.
    It must hurts a lot!
    Why people fo it, Han?
    Is it because it us ” nice look” or it had some hidden reason we don't understand?
    What do you think Han?

    Mona Lisa


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