Hallelujah Messiaen

In my collection of Hallelujah’s a modern piece by Olivier Messiaen sung by Dawn Upshaw.
I collect Hallelujah songs like other people collect stamps… Smile.

“Résurrection” from the song cycle “Chants de terre et de ciel” by Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992).

Lyrics: …

Alleluia, alleluia.
Il est premier, le Seigneur Jésus.
Des morts il est le premier-né.
Sept étoiles d’amour au transpercé,
Revêtez votre habit de clarté
“Je suis ressuscité, je suis ressuscité,
Je chante: pour Toi, mon Père, pour Toi, Mon Dieu, alleluia.
De mort à vie je passe.”
Un ange
Sur la pierre il s’est posé.
Parfum, porte, perle, azymes de la Vériteé.

Alleluia, alleluia.
Nous l’avons touché, nous l’avons vu.
De nos mains nous l’avons touché.
Un seul fleuve de vie dans son côté,
Revêtez votre habit de clarté.
“Je suis ressuscité, je suis ressuscité,
Je monte: vers Toi, mon Père, vers Toi, mon Dieu, alleluia.
De terre à ciel je passe.”
Du pain.
Il le rompt et leurs yeux sont dessillés.
Parfum, porte, perle, lavez-nous dans la Vériteé.

Alleluia, alleluia.
The Lord Jesus is the first.
He is the first-born of the dead.
You seven stars of love for the crucified one,
Put on your clothing of brightness!
“I have risen, I have risen.
I sing for You, My Father, for You, My God, alleluia.
I pass from death to life.”
An angel
Has alighted on the stone.
Perfume, door, pearl, unleavened loaves of the Truth.

Alleluia, alleluia.
We have touched Him, we have seen Him.
We have touched Him with our hands.
A single stream of life in His side.
Put on your clothing of brightness.
“I have risen, I have risen.
I rise up towards You, My Father, alleluia.
I pass from Earth to Heaven.”
He breaks it and the scales fall from their eyes.
Perfume, door, pearl, wash yourselves in the Truth!


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