Death penalty in peacetime

We don’t know much about the European Union, but that is not the fault of those people who work for the EU. They make the most wonderful infographics:

Choose your country and follow the lead of the programme. It’s a nice informative chart.

Like this one:  the death penalty in Europe. How long ago did we we have the death penalty here, and do we still put an end at peoples lives for crimes they did commit? You might remember my thoughts on the death penalty. I am a pacifist at heart? Perhaps.


3 thoughts on “Death penalty in peacetime

  1. Well, is it not sad, that the strongest obe, or two, USA and Russia, still have death penalty?
    I thing, it is horrible .

    Mona Lisa


  2. Again a very interesting post, Han.
    It's a pity the Remain campainers didn't publish sites like this. I think many people would be more interested in the EU.
    Thanks for posting this.



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