Tea time

This wonderful back and white picture reminded me of a painting by Manet…

Notice the head of the maid is bent just like statue behind her..

You know the one I meant, don’t you? The boldness is the same, the nonchalance of the figurants are the same, the unsuspected nudity is the same…

Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe


2 thoughts on “Tea time

  1. The Manet painting is quite famous for the strange combination of a naked woman at ease in an environment of clothed men in a park.

    And yes, the people in the picture are beautiful as well.

    Glad you like it,


  2. What à nice pic!
    It looks more beautiful in black- white.
    I have never seen this painting before.
    And yes, I see what you mean.

    Thank you, Han.

    Mona Lisa


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