Father’s Day

This year my daughter would go with me to the Vermeer museum in Delft, but alas she’s too tired to go today. Well there will be other Sundays…

Each day is father’s day! To all mothers: Mothers day is coming soon…

Make a note somewhere. Father’s day. Block it in your Diary of 2026. What a wonderful day it will be on 21 June 2026.

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Year Date Weekday
2017 18 June Sunday
2018 17 June Sunday
2019 16 June Sunday
2020 21 June Sunday
2021 20 June Sunday
2022 19 June Sunday
2023 18 June Sunday
2024 16 June Sunday
2025 16 June Sunday
2026 21 June Sunday


8 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Happy Father's Day, Han! You are an awesome dad and your daughter is very lucky to have you. Hope you two get to visit the museum soon. Sending lots of prayers and positive energy for your daughter.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Happy father's day…I watched my son dance in a recital with his 7 year old..totally out of his comfort zone…but oh so warmed my heart. Fathers, dads, daddies, pops, poppas are very special.
    hugs abby


  3. Father”s day is in october in Sweden.
    Interessting thought ..
    where will we be or what would we do this day 2026?
    Do I want know?

    Mona Lisa


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