Hands behind your back

One of my all time favourite commands is “Hands behind your back”. When properly executed it straightens the back and brings out the breasts. It is a simple yet wonderful way of retraining.

That we don’t need rope to restrain the arms behind the back shows this lovely picture:

Wrist cuffs (?) behind the back, ankle cuffs on the legs. A comfortable sitting position. In the dark, true. In the dark…

Wrists behind the back. Left over right.
No bondage needed.
Just a few directions.

This position is called reversed prayer position. You need more than a bit flexibility to do it like the model in the picture. And you definitely need rope to secure this position for over a period of time. The reverse prayer position is very pretty.


8 thoughts on “Hands behind your back

  1. The second one is more difficult and requires a good balance. More easy with a blindfold you can concentrate better on balance. More difficult with a blindfold if your Master plans to do things with you that distracts the focus on balance.

    3 seems to be the most favourite.



  2. Yes 3 is our favourite as well. I think a lot of us can relate to such a simple and effective way of starting bondage. Even tying without the rope.



  3. 1 and 3 ARE lovely, Mona Lisa. Mmmm, sitting in 3, good suggestion. And I agree even sitting down with your hands behind your back can be every exciting as well.



  4. Not quite impossible, I have seen it often enough. However I have to agree it takes a very flexible body. My Wanita is not able to do it, but that doesn't matter.
    Position 3 is our favourite.



  5. When I am kneeling, hands are always behind my back, unless permission is granted to move them. Usually like the third one, I love the second one.
    hugs abby


  6. What a amazing pics !
    1 and 3 are just lovely .
    I like a sitt pilow on 3.
    4 .. Nicebto look at.. Impossible do.
    It is just fantasy , not Real
    Even just simple position , with hands behind back is just beautiful.

    Thank you, SHan.

    Mona Lisa


  7. The first and third look doable, the second looks extremely uncomfortable and the fourth…impossible! But they all showcase the body nicely. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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