Now all, these images look maybe the same to you, but for me there is a world of difference between them. The reason I selected the pictures of all these women in the nude, is because I am a man: I like to see the female body nude, like all members of my gender, I guess. But there is another justification as well: the pose in bonds is best showed without the barrier of clothes, clothes only make the pose more difficult to see in detail.

This pose is a waiting pose, but there will be few women who can hold this pose long enough to really wait. The knees will hurt and get numb, sitting on the toes will be unstable and uncomfortable and the head so far back can only be maintained a small period of time. That said, this is a very sexy and interesting Nadu (waiting) variation.

Same pose, and yet so different. The head is bent down in submission. The hands on the thighs, upwards, open… Knees spread and this time the feet are on the floor, yet she is not sitting on her feet, did you notice? Again not a comfortable position. The butt not resting on the feet can be strenuous.

Now  this is how I like “my” Nadu best, Hands on the thighs in resting position, one that can be maintained for a long time. Just as long as I like. Sitting on some kind of carpet or cushion to spare the knees a little bit. And to maintain the position for a while. I like the head not down, but looking at me, so I can see what she feels and she can see how her sitting there affects me. I train to sit motionless.
Not moving your head,
Not moving your hands,
Not moving your arms,
Not moving your lips,
Not moving your nose,
Not moving your breast,
Not moving your ears,
Not moving your eyes.

Just sit motionless. Positions are important. And to be trained, over and over and over again.
And it is so rewarding for me and her to keep her position motionless for a while….


10 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. The second one has the disadvantage that hands up is somewhat a strain if held for a long time. The third one you can hold (fingers neat together) for a long time, until your feet go asleep, smile…

    Number one is too difficult, but pretty nonetheless.



  2. I wouldn't be able to hold the number 1 pose. The second pose is the one we (usually) do. It is a great way to get your head into your submission.


  3. Well, kitten the object is not to have pain no matter how pretty or submissive it may look! There are plenty of alternative postures that show submission without having to kneel down.

    Don't worry about it,



  4. We agree again on the favourite posture, Abby. To see the eyes is very important. “Look at me” I often say if she is drifting away.

    Ok, I like the fingers closed and not open, but who cares about details, right?

    Ok, it's me.



  5. Lovely poses but all three look as if they would be painful for me…dislocated my kneecap in a car accident when I was 16 and it's never been the same since. Thanks for sharing, Han. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  6. Lovely poses….thankfully the third one is closest to the one Master prefers….He likes to see my face….my eyes.
    hugs abby


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