A lot of anti-feminist will compare first and second wave feminism to our current form of feminism. Often the comparisons consist of saying how fist and second wave feminism was needed, but third wave is just a “bunch of girls being sluts and whiney bitches.” However, it’s worth noting that there have always been anti-feminist and they used many of the same insults as antis today use.

That feminist are ugly


That feminist are just women who are angry about not having a man


Or that feminist are just outright man-haters


Or just good old fashioned threats


It’s funny how after nearly a century we’er still seeing the same sort of insults from the anti-feminist movement which basically relies on women deriving their worth from how men view them, which is one of the things third wave feminism focuses on changing. 

So the next time an anti tries to delegitimize third wave feminism by comparing it to the first and second wave, just remember they probably would have been the ones making posters just like these



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