Walking through the path of pictures I like most, there are a lot of them with women on the ground kneeling, I wonder why? I like this picture because of it’s curves. People say there is no straight line on a woman’s body, and this, this is the living proof.

In almost the same posture, is this wonderful picture. 

Did you notice the wrists ready for tying on her back? Left over right? Did you notice hoe close her feet are together and how elegant they stretch? This posture is more difficult to maintain than the first but it’s a sight for sore eyes.


9 thoughts on “Kneeling

  1. Kneeling is so important in our relationship. It is my sign of submission because he knows that this does not come easily to me


  2. I think both poses can be made by not so skinny people as well. And it will look just as submissive as these girls do.

    Just saying that the curves of a woman's body doesn't say anything about how submissive they FEEL.

    Every body is perfect if it's a welcome house to it's owner.

    Just saying.


  3. Kneeling IS a big part of submission, Abby. The beauty of an easy posture is that you can maintain it for a long time.

    The posture you are describing, I think a lot of submissive will recognize. I'm sure you'll are a temptation for your master like that.

    Thank you for sharing,


  4. Ok, I just must say it..
    Han, can you see, that all these nice round backs and all that is because they are soooooo thin ?
    If you have a Little belly and Little more on your back, and breast 3x bigger that they have….. you have no chance do as they do.
    Just saying…

    Mona Lisa


  5. Kneeling is a big part of my submission to Master…He likes my hands behind my back, feel slightly apart, and back straight…easier than those above, but those do look lovely…
    hugs abby


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