Nude and dressed

The contrast between nude and fully dressed is as sharp as black and white. The inequality of the number of clothes they wear, is symbol of the inequality of power between them. She is kneeling and her hands are in Nadu resting on her thighs. Relaxed, in waiting what will happen. His hand under her chin forces her to look up, but it’s not a look of fear, it’s a look of expectation…


10 thoughts on “Nude and dressed

  1. Don't know about that thing on the right, Mona Lisa, but I don't think she is scared of it.

    The gloves are sometimes used as to create more distance between clothed an nude.. Question of taste I think.

    Have a nice week, Mona Lisa,


  2. Yes, pretty girl, strong pic.
    I understand , what you mean about clothes on or off.

    Not sure about gloves.. He doesn't want be dirty on his hands?
    Nja… I dont like it.

    Han, what he has in his right hand?
    What is that scary thing?

    Good start of week, Han.

    Mona Lisa


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