Willem Alexander’s birthday

Dutch King Willem-Alexander, rear left, Queen Maxima, rear right, and their three daughters
               Princess Ariane, Princess Alexia and Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia, front from left to right.
(AP Photo/Andreas Rentz, Pool)

As we reach the W-letter in the Alphabet on the birthday of our King, Willem Alexander, I couldn’t resist to show a picture of the Royal Family this morning in Zwolle. The Dutch marked their king’s birthday today with an official celebration in the northeastern city of Zwolle and festivals and unofficial garage sales around the nation.

Numbers of revelers were expected to be lower than in previous years because of wintery temperatures and showers forecast to sweep over the country. “Maybe the coldest King’s Day ever, but the good atmosphere in Zwolle will warm everybody up. See you soon,” King Willem-Alexander tweeted ahead of the celebrations.

Kings Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands and traditionally there are many pop festivals tonight, in spite of the rain, hail and wind…


4 thoughts on “Willem Alexander’s birthday

  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of this lovely family, Han. Happy Birthday to your king! Hope you enjoyed the holiday.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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