Vermeer is coming home

When you arrive from our new underground train station (cost estimated at 270 million euro, actual cost 550 million euro and still nowhere near the end of it) you see this wonderful welcome sign: “Welcome in the city of Vermeer, Welcome to Delft”. And if you are lucky there will be a girl there all in a traditional Dutch costume bidding you welcome.

The City of Vermeer never did anything much to honour it’s second most famous historical inhabitant. There is no painting of Vermeer in Delft. And for years we had to do with pathetic replica’s of his paintings. Only few years ago, we finally got ourselves a “Vermeer Museum”, in the place of the Guild of St. Luke.

Now, after 320 years, The Little Street finally is back in the City where it was painted. Well for a few months anyway 🙂

The exhibition Vermeer is coming home | The Little Street returns to Delft describes the long search to identify the place that inspired Vermeer to paint his masterpiece. It deals with a number of theories, but specifically explains the most recent research on this topic.


4 thoughts on “Vermeer is coming home

  1. I will visit it next week if I have the chance. I'm very curious. I have seen the “Little Street” in the Rijksmuseum many times, but I'm curious about the rest of the exposition.

    Hope you will be able to visit the art gallery as well,



  2. Nice! Better late than ever, as the saying goes.

    I wish that there were an exhibition here. I may need to get my act together and visit your fine country.


  3. Congratulations, Han…so happy the exhibition will be in Delft for at least a while. Hope you have a chance to go visit. We had an exhibit at our local art gallery titled “Reflecting Class in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer” with some of their paintings loaned to us. I hope to be able to get up to visit before it moves on but not sure I'll make it.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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