I was in hell

My theme for the 2015 April A – Z blog challenge was loving submission. My goal was to show that submission is not only pain and humiliation but can be fun and loving and, to give a small view inside our marriage as well.
At the end of the challenge I concluded that it was all fun to do, but a bit stressful to have the correct letter for the alphabet ready at the desired date, so I would begin early in 2016. I wanted all my posts ready before we start so I can enjoy all the other blogs as well.

So now it is the end of January in 2016 and I have started by choosing a subject for this year the famous book of Dante Alighieri “The Divine Comedy”. Or like Dante himself wrote “A Comedy”. Not a Tragedy where all begins quiet and peaceful and ends in a tragic way, but a Comedy where Dante’s trip begins in Inferno, in Hell goes through Purgatorio (the mount we have to climb through suffering and spiritual growth and at ends in Paradiso.

To go up, we have to gown down. A book that was finished in 1320 a year before Dante died. And it inspired people until the present day, it is called Divine later on for a reason.

I am 56 years old and never ever have read the Divine Comedy. In fact I didn’t know there were three parts of this book, the only book I had heard about was the Inferno. I have had no classic education, so I have never read the book when I was in school, and the book was (like there are soooo many) on my TBR-list to read. And when I began reading it in December 2015 the idea came to mind that this might be a subject for the A – Z blogging challenge. And so I decided upon that in January. And I have been in hell since then.

I have been reading slowly through the English version and several Dutch translations and I have been listening to lectures of professor Giuseppe Mazzotta over at Yale University explaining the chapters as I read along. (more than 35 hours of lecture).

I’m not sure if I will discuss the complete Divine Comedy or will begin with Inferno this year. It depends a lot on my busy RL that gets in the way not only of regular blogging but of reading that requires concentration as well. Ah well, we will see it’s not the end of March yet. Idea’s enough. Shall I begin with 1 to 9 before I begin with A – Z? Shall I post all Gustav Dore’s illustrations from now until we begin?  For now I just concentrate on gathering knowledge.

There are worse things in life than gathering knowledge with the objective to share that knowledge later.


16 thoughts on “I was in hell

  1. Well, it is quite a thick book, Appy, all three parts. I hope you will like my snippets from the work as well.

    Thank you for your comment my friend,


  2. No surprise there Rebel, but I'm thrilled you have joined. I will make sure I will look upon your blog as well.

    I did a BDSM-theme last year and this year a wanted a vanilla theme. Well hell and damnation. Vanilla??

    Smile, thank you for reading,


  3. I admire you for your will power and energy, Han.
    I didn't read the complete work. And now I'll limit myself to your blog. 🙂
    Thanks for all work.



  4. Hi Han, I will be doing the A-Z Challenge too in April and am already planning what to do. I'm thinking BDSM themed (wow, that's a surprise, right 😉 )


  5. I am glad you think it will be interesting, Mona Lisa. I hope it will be LOL. Enjoy the challenge, for it takes blood, sweat and tears, big smile…


  6. A good teacher makes all the difference. That is why I follow the Yale lectures. Blessed be the internet, for what would we be without it?

    Thank you for sharing,


  7. Mmmm, don't feel very brave. Need some Virgil help to bring this one to a good end… Smile. It is fun though, DF, and I enjoy it very much.

    Thank you and good luck to you as well,


  8. I am glad to be back. LOL. I do this challenge to please myself Leigh. I like to learn something new every day if I can…

    Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them.



  9. Welcome back my friend…so happy to see your post show up! Wow…brave man to take on Dante, whichever way you do it. Will be interested in reading as I love the way you break information down and teach us.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  10. One of the best classes I ever took was a post-universit, for-fun-only class about The Inferno. A good teacher who can make the inside jokes/knowledge accessible to you adds so much. Have fun with it!


  11. Good to see you posting.
    You're a brave, brave man doing Dante. I'm going to do it on my vanilla blog. I want to have them all written in advance.
    Plans are one thing, RL is something else!
    Good luck, and I agree with Leigh, keep it fun for you.


  12. I am so very glad to see you again, I have been worried about you….checking every day. I am familiar with The Inferno…but it was years ago….
    hugs abby


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