Taking care of overdue issues…

Sometimes living your vanilla life can take you away from your kink side. Or one of both partners don’t want to play. Or something comes up that you cannot play. This morning when we had the house to ourselves we cached up and took care of some issues that were overdue.

We spent the afternoon like a perfectly ordinary vanilla couple. A world of difference between what we had done before. Sometimes I wonder about the split personalities we have (I have) and how it’s possible to combine them… But somehow we cope and live our lives the way we want to live it.

As long as we are hurting no one in the process, I guess it’s nobodies business either.
Have a nice day!


10 thoughts on “Taking care of overdue issues…

  1. Han, I was clearing out my feed and found your blog once more. I can completely relate to this my friend. And good for you for finding some time. 🙂 Your friend, Dinah McLeod


  2. There are multiple parts of all of us…even in plain vanilla, you have work, marriage, parenthood, friends…and each one of those is a bit different. I agree with Sunny…just live life to the fullest. Happy you and Wanita got 'settled up'. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  3. Yes it's a delicate balance often between vanilla and kink, Rebel. We are more alike than we think we would be. And yet so different.

    Just like it should..



  4. Yes, the play is very intense. It requires to pay attention to every reaction Wanita makes and it's never without feelings. It's always intense. Every time.

    The thing he is holding in his hand is a flogger. The strands or tails as they are called (more than nine, lol) are a bit more wide than most whips. But then again there are lot of floggers out there. On the internet. Or in your local store.



  5. You are so right, Leigh. Do not postpone your life for all the good things to come… maybe. Live it now. And do not harm anyone else in the process.



  6. You have such a wonderful husband, with you and yes I do feel schizophrenic at times as well. I think we all do. The difference in attitudes and behaviour is soooo huge.

    If you have a partner that understands you and you understand him (or her) count yourself a lucky blonde girl.



  7. Sounds like it's the same with you than with us. Vanilla life sometimes gets in the way too and when we can we 'take care of business'. And indeed, it's nobody's business what we do in our homes, or what agreements we have with our partners, right? I totally agree with you 🙂

    Rebel xox


  8. Hmmmm
    It must be a intense play you had that you have still those thought after so many years.

    BTW , Han, what is man on the pic holding in his hand?

    Mona Lisa


  9. I am having a little bit of a difficult time bouncing between the two worlds, sometimes I feel like I don't really belong in either but I know I do. Spending Saturday night at a play party and going to Church, with my child, Sunday morning, I get whiplash. But Ty and I are in this together and that's what matters


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