wedding Anniversary

wedding day

“December 21st?
How did you figured that out?”
She blushed sweetly and whispered:
“Isn’t that the longest night?”

John O’ Mill 

22 years ago we got married in this place, City Hall in Delft

City Hall Delft

A beautiful old building that is built around the tower as seen on the back, it’s called “the Stone” and it goes back to the 13th century.Hendrick de Keyser (famous architect in those days) built it in 1629.
We married in the Schepensael (a room named after the “Schepenen” – the guards of the city) and it’s quite impressive when you are there in the very centre of attention…” Smile. It was a wonderful day
Tuesday 21 december 1993. It was on average 5,1 degrees Celcius (41,18 degrees Fahrenheit) and some rain but not much.
We have such fond memories of that day. No nonsense about the most beautiful day in your life, we were both too old for that, but so nice to reminisce.


12 thoughts on “wedding Anniversary

  1. Thank you Appy, we married late, but at the right time for both of us.

    Wishing you around, next year, and the next and the next…

    Thank you, my friend,


  2. Thank you Mona Lisa, it's such a beautiful building and it was so nice to be married there where so many people married before us (and after LOL),

    Thank you for your kind wishes,


  3. Happy Aniversary, Han.
    Very nice building and think, you got merried there!
    How wonderful !
    I wish you many, many happy year ahaed!!

    Mona Lisa


  4. Happy Anniversary Han and Wanita! Wishing you many more wonderful years together. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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