Training Carrie, chapter 96

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 96

   “It’s too soon for you to be talking like that,” I said. “We’ve only
known each other for a week, let’s take our time and see what happens.
Obviously I’m not going anywhere. We can be together every weekend.”

    “I know you’re right,” Helen said. “But I also know what I want. Do you
think I’ll change my mind when I know more about you? I don’t think so.
Have you done scarier things than being a sex slave for most of your adult
life?” She looked at me for a moment, then said, “I’m going to ask William
to let me stay here, I don’t want to leave you.”

    “He won’t do that, not yet,” I said. “In fact, you specifically told
him, and Carrie too, not to let you stay with us, even if you asked. You
were thinking clearly then, you must have known you would react like this.”

    Helen said, “Last weekend, I was afraid I would fall in love with your
lifestyle, because I was so bored with my own. I had no idea I would fall
in love with you. I don’t want to be a slave, Char, I want to be with you.
If slavery is the only way I can do it, then I’ll be a slave.”

    I gave her a serious look, and said, “Don’t say anything about this to
William or Carrie, they’ll just think you’re a flake, and there’s no way
William is going to let you stay here yet. If you love me, then do what I
say. We’re going to wait, spend as much time together as we can, and see
where it goes. I promise, we’ll be together every weekend, and we’ll talk
on the phone every day.” I grinned at her. “We can even have phone sex.”

    She laughed, and I could see her relaxing. “I’ll do whatever you want,
Char,” she said. “Just tell me you know that I love you.”

    I said, “I know, and I love you, too. Everything will work out, trust

    At the edge of my consciousness, I knew that William and Carrie had
finished at the bars and had moved to the Master’s area, probably so Carrie
could rinse out her mouth. They were now walking back toward Helen and me.
I looked down at Helen and said, “Not a word.” She nodded.

    “You’ve been in bed long enough for your first session, Helen,” William
said. “What say we extract you and head back upstairs?”

    I held my breath. Helen said, “That would be fine, William. Thank you
for the tour and the demonstration. And everything else. I’m looking
forward to the rest of the agenda.”

    “So am I, Helen, but we all need to be patient,” he said. “Have faith,
everything’s going to work out.” Then he leaned down and gave her a long
kiss. I wondered how much of our conversation he had heard.

    When Helen was out of the bed, she stood looking at it. “I’m beginning
to understand, slavery could be pleasant, or it could be a nightmare. It
all depends on who’s in control.” She put her arms around William’s waist
and hugged him tightly, saying, “Thank you, it really was a positive
experience. I think I’d like to do it again sometime.”

    “Then you will,” William said. He took her hand and mine, and led us to
the exit door. Carrie walked behind us, and when I looked back at her, she
blew me a kiss.

    After removing mine and Helen’s bondage gear in the mural room, William
said we should hang up our clothes, we wouldn’t be needing them for the
rest of the day. After that, we all went to the bathroom. William put Helen
on the toilet and had Carrie and I each hold one of her hands, while he
knelt in front of her, kissing her lips and caressing her breasts. She was
so embarrassed, and so turned on, that it took her forever to get started,
but finally she was able to pee and take a dump. Then, after Carrie and I
had our turns, Helen really got flustered when William had her attend him
while he took a dump. But she got through it, smiling and red-faced. We had
all been so worried about how far we could push Helen, we didn’t want to
push so hard that she would run away from us screaming, or refuse to do
what William told her. But it looked like Helen was for real, and I
believed that she had meant what she said to me downstairs.

    “We could try four in the shower, but I think it would be simpler to do
it in shifts,” William said. “Carrie and I will go first, Helen and Char
can wait in the bedroom.” He grinned at me when he said the part about the
bedroom. I took Helen’s hand and led her straight to the bed.

    “If you’re still too sensitive, we can just cuddle and talk, but I have
to have my hands on you,” I told her as I crawled onto the bed.

    “Lie on your back, I haven’t tasted your pussy for hours,” Helen said.

    I was enjoying everything Helen was doing to my pussy, but I felt the
need to talk to her. “When William was eating you, you squealed one time…
He pushed his finger into your ass, didn’t he?” Without taking her mouth
off of me, she nodded her head. “Has anything been in there before?” I

    Helen raised up long enough to look questioningly at me, and answer, “I
told you before, just the occasional finger. Mine, and one guy’s, that’s
all I can remember.”

    I kept quiet for a minute, then said, “So, in a sense, you’re still a
virgin. Who are you saving it for?” She didn’t answer, instead she attacked
my pussy with renewed effort. In about a minute, I had a wonderful, soft
orgasm, that seemed to last forever.

    I was still having minor spasms when I reached down and pulled Helen
away from my pussy. She stretched out beside me, and gave me a gentle kiss.
Looking into my eyes, she said, “It never occurred to me that I was ‘saving
it’ for anyone, but I want you to have it. Will you take my cherry?” I
smiled at her and nodded. After a few seconds, she asked, “Will it hurt?”

    “A little at first, until you learn to relax your muscles. But we’ll go
very slow and easy. You might hate it, if you do we’ll stop.” Helen was
looking into my eyes. She remained quiet, so I kept talking. “William does
it to Carrie and I all the time, and we do it to each other. I like it, but
not better than regular fucking. Sometimes I think Carrie would rather take
it in her ass than any other way. The first time William ever fucked her,
he used her ass, and I think she’s fixated on that.” I grinned, wondering
how she would react to what I wanted to say next. “Carrie and I have also
butt-fucked William. He doesn’t like it, but he lets us do it now and

    Helen’s eyes got very big. “Obviously, it’s going to take me a long
time to understand the three of you, if I ever do.”

    “You need to start thinking of us as four, you’re not an outsider any
more,” I said. She smiled. “What you said downstairs, it sounded like you
were proposing to me. Is that how you meant it?” She slowly nodded her
head. “Then I accept,” I said.

    Helen threw her arms around me and gave me a hard kiss. “Does that mean
I can stay here?” she asked after we pulled apart.

    “No, everything I said about that still goes. What it means is that
we’re engaged. Or at least we will be, as soon as I buy you an engagement
ring.” We hugged for along time. While I was holding her, I said, “You
don’t really want to stay here, anyway. I’m going to ask William for
rotating visits, one weekend in town and the next here. Then, as soon as
it’s safe, I’ll try spending time at your place, just you and me. How does
that sound?”

    She said, “When the three of you are in town, you’ll all stay at my
place. It’s not as nice as your hotel suites, but it’s a lot cheaper. Like

    “There’s nothing wrong with your apartment,” I said. “But any place I
can be with you is a nice place. William will decide if we need to stay at
the hotel.”

    During our talk, Helen had moved on top of me, her legs straddling
mine. We were like that when William and Carrie came out of the bathroom.
Carrie laughed. “Good thing there’s no hot water left, these two definitely
need a cold shower,” she said to William.

    William grinned. “It’s your turn, lovebirds,” he said. Then he added,
looking at me, “Don’t take too long, Carrie needs you for something.” I
knew he meant her spanking, and then I wondered if he would make me take a
spanking in front of Helen. I didn’t know if I wanted that, or not.

    I took Helen’s hand and led her to the bathroom. “Do we have to take a
cold shower?” she asked.

    “No, Silly, Carrie was teasing us. The house has some kind of on-demand
system, the hot water never runs out.” As we got into the shower, I asked,
“Are you still too sensitive?”

    “Let’s find out,” Helen said. As it turned out, her sensitivity was
just right. We each came twice, and got very, very clean.

    After we had toweled one another, I used the hair dryer on Helen, then
combed out her long straight hair. I told her I wanted it loose, not pulled
back in a ponytail. She kissed me. “I told you, whatever you want,” she

    When we came into the bedroom, Carrie was in William’s lap, kissing
him. When he saw us, William said, “Take your position for your spanking,
please Carrie.” Then, to Helen, he said, “Come here, Helen, we’ll watch
together,” Carrie was positioning her low-backed spanking chair in front of
the mirror. I watched as Helen slowly walked over to William. He was still
naked, and his stiff cock pointed up at the ceiling. He saw Helen looking
at his lap. “Don’t worry about that, you’re not ready for it yet,” he said.
Holding out his hand, he said, “It won’t get in our way, come and sit
down.” He pushed his cock down between his legs and then put his legs
together. Helen walked up to William, turned around, and carefully sat in
his lap. He reached around her and nudged her legs open, then took her
wrists in his hands and moved her arms up so her hands were behind her
head. “Please clasp your fingers together, and leave them like that until I
tell you otherwise,” he said. Helen did as he said. She looked at me, a
mixture of confusion and fear on her face. I didn’t know what William was
doing, and I couldn’t have explained it to her if I knew. “Now lean back
against me,” he told her, putting his hands at her waist and slowly pulling
her to him. When her back was pressed against his chest, he said, “Perfect,
stay just like that, and keep your legs apart.” Then he looked at me with a
smile. “Char, please begin,” he said.

    Carrie was bent over the chair, waiting. I walked up to her, then bent
over and kissed each cheek of her ass. “I love you,” I whispered to her. “I
know, and I love you, too,” she said. I began spanking her.

    I knew this was going to be a long one. We were well past the point
where Carrie should have been sobbing. Tears were flowing freely down her
cheeks, and she was breathing in rapid gasps, but she hadn’t yet made a
sound. I had already changed hands twice, and each time I took a quick look
over at William and Helen. William was still sitting with his hands resting
on the arms of his chair. Helen looked very unhappy, she had tears in her

    A few minutes later, Carrie cried out, then began sobbing. I kept
going. Some time later, I heard Helen sobbing. I stole a glance over at
her, and saw that William had moved one hand onto her stomach. For awhile
after that, I tuned everything out except for the stinging and burning in
my palms and my shoulder muscles. I snapped back when I heard Helen say,
“Please don’t, William. I don’t want to feel pleasure while she’s in so
much pain.”

    I glanced over to see that William’s hand was on Helen’s pussy. “Carrie
is getting exactly what she wants and needs right now, Helen,” William
said. “What do you want, and what do you need?” Helen didn’t answer. “I’ll
move my hand if you ask me again,” he said, “but you’d still be excited and
wet, because it’s the spanking that you’re excited about, not my hand.
Isn’t that so, Helen?” Helen remained silent. “Do you want me to move my
hand, Helen? All it takes is a Yes, and I’ll stop. But I think this is
exactly what you want right now. Should I move my hand?”

    After a few moments, Helen said, “No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” I
understood then what he was doing to Helen, and I didn’t like it.

    A little while later, William said, “One more minute, Char, I’ll tell
you when it’s up.” Carrie was howling, screaming, and begging for it to

    When William finally called for me to stop, Carrie lowered her head
down onto the seat of the chair. She was exhausted. I walked to the front
of the chair and knelt down. Taking her hands in mine, I asked her if she
was Ok. She asked me for a glass of water and a damp washcloth for her ass.
After she drank the water, I helped her to get up and move to the bed. She
lay down on her stomach, and I put the cold, damp cloth over her ass, then
kissed her.

    Having done what I could for Carrie, I went to William. Helen was still
sitting in his lap, her eyes closed and her face red. He had moved his hand
from her pussy back onto the arm of the chair. “You shouldn’t have done
that,” I said to William.

    He looked up and met my gaze. “I think you’re right, it was a mistake.
I apologize, to you and to Helen.”

    Helen opened her eyes and looked at me. “No, it’s Ok,” she said. “He
made me admit something that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I got turned on by
watching the spanking. William didn’t touch me until I was already very
excited. I learned something about myself that I didn’t know before. Thank
you, William.”

    Reaching out my hand, I said, “Can she get up now?”

    “Of course,” he said quietly. Helen unclasped her fingers and took my
hand. I gently pulled her to her feet and kissed her cheek. I told her I
was sorry, but she said again that everything was Ok.

    Helen walked over to the bed and knelt beside Carrie’s head. “I’m so
sorry I took pleasure in your pain,” she said. “I’m ashamed that I’m like
that, but at least I know it now.”

    Carrie raised her head off of the bed. “There’s nothing to be ashamed
of, you can’t imagine how hot it makes me to get a spanking. For all you
know, you were simply responding to my rising level of excitement. It
doesn’t mean you like to watch people suffer. Now kiss me, and don’t worry
about this any more.” Helen leaned forward and gave Carrie a long, tender
kiss, then thanked her. Carrie said, “You’re a great kisser, a beautiful,
sexy woman, and an intelligent, interesting person to be around. I hope
we’re all going to be together a long time.”

    William glanced at the clock, then spoke to Helen. “Helen, it’s a
little after three now. I give control of both Carrie and Char to you. I’ll
reclaim them at five. Do you think you can handle both of them?”

    Helen stood up and turned to William. She grinned. “Yes, William, I’ll
bend them to my will,” she said.

    “If they give you any problems, just give me a call,” he said. As he
was leaving the room, he said, “No spanking for you today, Char… Unless
Helen wants to give you one.”

    I dropped to my knees. “How may I serve you, Mistress Helen?” I asked.

    “Oh, my, I’m going to enjoy this,” Helen said. She stood, looking down
at me, for a long time, then she grinned at me. “I like having you on your
knees in front of me. Somehow, it seems like that’s how it should always

    “Just remember, Mistress Helen,” Carrie said, struggling off of the
bed, “payback can be a bitch, and so can Char and I.”

    “Relax, Carrie, she’s just having fun,” I said. I looked at Carrie, and
realized she already knew Helen was kidding. Smiling, she walked over to us
slowly, then carefully dropped to her knees beside me.

    After looking down at us a little while longer, Helen said, “There’s
been some talk that it’s time I lost my cherry.” Looking at Carrie, she
explained, “I’ve never had anything up my ass except a few fingers. Umm,
that didn’t sound right, I meant a few different fingers, one at a time.”
Looking back at me and smiling, she said, “I want to give it to Char, and
if it isn’t too horrible an experience for me, I want Carrie to have her
turn next. Since I’ve been given control over two expert ass fuckers, I
want to do it right now, before I chicken out. Will you help me lose my

    “We’d be honored,” Carrie said, “I’ll get the equipment, while Char
starts your enema.” I took Helen into the bathroom and showed her how to
pose for an enema. As I was trying to get her into the correct posture, she
asked what difference it made if her back was straight, or if she crossed
her wrists. I told her this is how Carrie and I were trained, and if she
wanted to share our lives she would follow the same training.

    While Helen was being filled, Carrie came in with the strap-on harness
and our smallest dildo, and proceeded to put it on me. When we had Helen
sitting on the toilet, she looked down at my fake dick. She said it looked
kind of silly. “Yes, but it doesn’t feel silly when it’s inside you, it
feels pretty damned good,” Carrie said. We both knelt in front of Helen,
kissing her and playing with her breasts and pussy, until she started
complaining of cramps. Carrie told her she could let go, and she did.

    After the bidet, we both took Helen’s hands and led her to the bed. she
crawled onto the bed and stayed on her knees, but Carrie told her to lie on
her stomach to start with, and to spread her legs. Carrie knelt at Helen’s
feet, and started massaging the soles of her feet. After a minute she began
caressing, kissing, and licking her way up both of Helen’s legs. At that
time I began doing the same thing at her neck, then began working my way
down her shoulders and back. We met at her ass cheeks, and concentrated on
touching and kissing her lightly all over her butt. Reaching between
Helen’s legs, Carrie began touching her vulva, then making small excursions
between her lips, while I began circling her sphincter with my fingers and
occasionally pressing on it.

    By that time, Helen was moaning continuously, and telling us how
wonderful she felt. Her body seemed totally relaxed. I put a little
lubricating gel on my finger, then spread some right on her sphincter. She
jumped a little when she felt the cool gel contact her sensitive rose, but
she relaxed again right away. I applied gentle pressure with my finger, and
it slipped right in. Helen gasped, then moaned, then told me it felt really
good. I worked my finger in and out slowly for a minute, then began
applying gentle side pressure around the walls of her hole. Over a few
minutes time, I gradually applied more side pressure, until I began to see
that the opening was actually bigger than the size of my finger. I pulled
out my finger, then carefully replaced it with two fingers. She groaned,
and I asked if I was hurting her. She said No, it felt wonderful. Carrie’s
gentle stimulation of her pussy was doing a lot to distract her from any
minor discomfort she might have felt in her ass.

    I began again, slowly working my finger in and out, while rotating my
wrist at the same time. After about a minute of that, Helen had a small
orgasm. Carrie smiled, and asked her if she was a little anxious. She said
she couldn’t resist us, we were too good. I kept doing what I was doing,
and after a while I thought she was relaxed enough for the dildo. I leaned
down and kissed her on her neck. “Are you ready to give me your cherry?” I

    She said, “I feel like you already took it. I love everything you’re
doing to me, I’m yours.”

    I told Helen to get on her knees, then I quickly moved behind her and
began applying lube to my dildo. Meanwhile, Carrie moved around until she
was in front of Helen on the bed. Helen was on all fours, so Carrie took
her hands and pulled her upright. She told Helen, “Wrap your arms around my
neck, rest your head on your arm, and rest your weight on me. You just
relax, I’ll position you at the right height.” When Helen was hanging on
Carrie, she reached down with one hand and began gently stimulating Helen’s
pussy and clit again.

    I put the head of the dildo against Helen’s sphincter. Looking up at
Carrie, I said, “Up about an inch, please.” She raised Helen slightly, and
I followed her up. That seemed the right height, so I gently pushed against
Helen, until her muscles relaxed and the head of the dildo slipped in. “Is
that Ok, Helen?” I asked her.

    “It’s not Ok, it’s wonderful,” she said. She raised her head and kissed
Carrie on her cheek. “You’re both wonderful, I love what you’re doing for
me.” Carrie smiled at me. I slowly pushed the dildo a little farther into
Helen, and she sighed. “Don’t stop, I want it all,” she whispered. I
continued pushing slowly until my belly was pressed against Helen’ ass.

    “It’s all the way in, Helen, does it still feel Ok?” I asked.

    “Yes,” she said. Then she said, “You took my cherry, now you have to
marry me.” She kissed Carrie again. “You helped, you have to marry me, too.
And both of you have to do this to me every day from now on.”

    Carrie laughed. It was her throaty, sexy laugh, the one that made my
pussy warm every time I heard it. I began stroking the dildo slowly, and in
only a few seconds Helen came. She cried out, then started kissing Carrie’s
cheek over and over. Carrie turned her head and found Helen’s lips with her
own, and they began passionately kissing.

    Helen had another orgasm a few minutes later. Soon after that, she
began having continuous orgasms. She pulled away from Carrie’s lips, and
said she couldn’t take any more. “Yes you can, I’ll ease off on your
pussy,” Carrie said. “Don’t quit, you can have gentle, continuous orgasms
for many minutes. Just keep your arms around my neck, relax, and enjoy the
feeling. We’ll do everything, you just hang on.” Helen let her head fall
onto her arm, but she held on, and she kept having small orgasms. I was
pushing the dildo slowly in and out of her ass, and I knew Carrie was
supplying just enough stimulation to her clit to keep her going. Carrie was
getting tired from holding Helen, but she saw the concern on my face and
smiled at me. “I’m Ok,” she whispered.

    We kept Helen like that for about ten minutes more. Finally, I became
concerned that both Helen and Carrie were approaching their limits. “I’m
going to pull it out now, Helen, I think you’ve had enough,” I said. She
nodded, she was too tired to say anything. I slowly withdrew the dildo from
her ass, then I helped Carrie ease Helen down onto the bed, on her side.
When Helen released her grip on Carrie’s neck, Carrie took my hand and
pulled me down on top of her. She wanted to give me a hot kiss, but she was
too tired to put any passion into it. The spanking, followed by Helen
hanging around her neck for who knows how long, had taken everything out of
Carrie. I got off of her and lay down on the bed, with Helen between me and
Carrie. I reached across Helen and took Carrie’s hand again. “I love you,
Sister,” I said. “Thank you.”

    Carrie whispered, “Char, what William did to Helen during my spanking
… that was my idea. One of my dumbest ideas ever. I’m so sorry, and I’m
sorry I let him take the heat. I didn’t have the guts to tell you before

    I said, “Helen’s Ok with it, so I’m Ok with it. Thanks for telling me.”

    She smiled at me and closed her eyes.

    I looked at Helen. I knew she was asleep, or maybe unconscious would
have been more accurate, but she was still having small orgasms. I could
see the tremors passing through her body. Carrie was also out, from simple
exhaustion. I rolled over on my back and began thinking of how to ask
William for what wanted.


5 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 96

  1. Oh yes, all are sooo in lust- sorry, love.
    All are madochist and just looove ansl sex, even first time.
    What a happy family.

    Thank God, it is fantasy.
    Mona Lisa


  2. A wonderful description of 3 women who love each other….and know how to please each other…
    hugs abby


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