The most wonderful sexual things are not the ones you read about in books. Not the ones you see in movies, at whatever rate. The most wonderful sexy things are in washing your partners hair. I love the feeling of soap and softness at my hands as I wash her hair, massage her skull and gently without getting the stuff in her eyes, rinse it off.


8 thoughts on “Bath

  1. Memories. To have his hands in your hair, closing your eyes and drift into a sensual world without words just too feel…

    Cherish the memories, Cat.



  2. Mmmm, it is. Sensual. The surrender with the eyes closed. The trust that the soap will not come in the eyes. The hands not too hard on the skull.

    Tender loving care, Abby,



  3. Matthew used to love washing my hair…it was sooo wonderful to lean back against him in a tub of hot water while he soaped and massaged my head. wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing the lovely pic Han!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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