Training Carrie, chapter 84

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 84

  I came into the kitchen and saw my favorite naked bodies, standing
shoulder to shoulder at the sink. They were washing and peeling
vegetables, and Carrie was quietly explaining to Char everything she was
doing and why. I walked up behind them quietly, and put my arms around
their shoulders. Both slaves turned their heads and kissed me on my

    “I’m so tired, William,” Carrie said. “I feel like I’ve been awake for
days, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

    I said, “You’ve been on an adrenalin high for nearly two days, now you
need to rest and recover. We’ll skip the three-way discussion until
tomorrow. After dinner, we can go to bed early.”

    Carrie smiled at me, I could see she was exhausted. “Wasn’t Friday
supposed to be you and Char together?” she asked. I nodded. “Then let’s
start the plan tonight,” Carrie offered. “I’m so tired, I don’t even want
any dinner. May I please go to bed now in the guest bedroom, William?”

    “Are you sure, Carrie? Char asked. “We’ve missed you so much, we want
to be with you again. And I know you want to be with William. Can’t you
stay with us tonight?”

    “I want to be with you as well as with William, Char,” Carrie said.
“But I’m too tired to do anything except lay next to you and hold your
hand. After a long night’s sleep, I’ll be back to normal, I promise.”

    We all went to the bathroom and attended Carrie on the toilet and
bidet, then we walked hand in hand with her to the guest bedroom. Char
pulled back the covers as I picked Carrie up and placed her gently on the
bed. We pulled the covers over her, and then we both kissed her, told her
we loved her, and welcomed her back to our family. She was crying softly
when we finally turned out the lights and closed the door to her room.

    With Char’s help, I finished making dinner. We made small talk while
we ate, until finally I said, “Well, it’s just you and me, what would you
like to do?”

    “Besides fucking?” she said with a grin. I nodded, explaining that it
wasn’t even 7:00, we had the whole evening ahead of us. Her grin
disappeared and Char looked at me with a serious expression. She said,
“Take me to the basement. Tie me up, flog me, and fuck me. Make me know
I’m your slave.”

    “You can’t be serious,” I said. “Haven’t you had enough of that
treatment to last you a lifetime?”

    Char reached out her hand to me, and I took it in mine. She looked
into my eyes, saying, “I think it would be different with someone I love,
and someone who loves me. I want to find out.”

    “What do you want me to do to you?” I asked.

    The corners of her mouth turned up in a slight grin as she answered,
“I want to be under your control. I want you to do anything you want to
me. I don’t want to have any say about what you do to me.”

    I looked at her for a long time, trying to decide if that was really
what she wanted. I finally decided it was, at least for right now. “Fine,”
I said, “I’ll let you have a safe word, in case things get too intense for
you, then I’ll do whatever I feel like.”

    “Please, William, Master, I don’t want a safe word. I want to know
that I’m totally controlled by you, and that I can trust you not to harm
me. Treat me like you would treat Carrie.”

    I let go of Char’s hand, then stood up. Looking at her, I said, “Clean
the table, clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher, then get your
ass into the bedroom. And you’d better be damned quick about it.” She
jumped out of her chair and started gathering up the dishes. I turned and
walked out of the dining room.

    Five minutes later, Char rushed into the bedroom. I was sitting in my
favorite chair, and she dropped to her knees in front of me and kissed my
feet. I let her remain with her forehead on the floor between my feet for
perhaps a minute, then I said, “Thirty seconds longer, and you would have
earned a punishment. When I tell you to hurry, you’d better hurry.”

    “Yes, Sir,” she said softly. She knew I was talking for effect, trying
to set the mood for the next step. I told her to stand up and follow me to
the mural room.

    “Formal speech, Slave,” I said, as I put the full set of bondage gear
on her. As I was fastening her belt, I said, “When you’re weight is back
to normal, we’ll have to get you a set of bondage gear like Carrie’s. All
metal, not like these leather straps.” That made Char smile, until I
warned her that she wasn’t here to enjoy herself. She stopped smiling and
checked her posture.

    After attaching Char’s wrists behind her back, I led her down the
stairs and into the training room. “Only a few days ago, you were afraid
to enter this room, and you were afraid of me,” I said. “Now you’ve asked
me to bring you here and use you however I wish. I’m very pleased with
your progress, Slave.” She wasn’t able to suppress a slight smile, which I
chose to ignore. I squeezed both of her nipples until I saw her wince.
“Are you still afraid?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “You have good
reason to be,” I said.

    I led Char to the toilet area and had her kneel for an enema. Leaving
her on her knees, I walked to the punishmment stage and picked up the
flogger and crop I had last used on Carrie. I walked back to Char, gave
her a light smack on her ass with the crop, then told her to straighten
her back.

    Once I had her Posed to my satisfaction, I went to the sink and filled
the enema bag with warm water. After slipping the fill nozzle into her, I
slapped her lightly on her ass, then held the bag while the liquid filled
her intestines. While we waited, I talked to Char about how I intended to
use her. “My favorite place to fuck Carrie is in her ass,” I said. “I want
to find out where I prefer using you. We’ll try your ass first, after I’ve
warmed you up with my hands and the flogger. But before you leave here
tonight, I’ll have taken you in every way possible.” Of course, I could
have her in every way possible upstairs in bed, and I already had, but I
was giving her the kind of treatment she needed that night.

    When the enema bag was empty, I warned Char that I was going to pull
out the fill tube, then I left her Posed while I cleaned the equipment.
Helping her to her feet, I showed Char how to slip the toilet’s brackets
under her arms, and then how to rest her feet in the stirrups. She hung
over the toilet, waiting for permission to evacuate her bowels. I played
with her breasts and her pussy for a few minutes, then gave her my

    While she was still expelling the enema, I struck her across her
breasts with the flogger. It took her totally by surprised, her body
spasmed and she gasped, but she caught herself before looking up at me.

    “I did that because I felt like it,” I told her. “Should I do it
again?” She began trembling, then slowly nodded. I struck her breasts
again, harder this time, then I bent over and kissed her hard on her lips.
“You liked it, didn’t you? Respond!” I said.

    Barely above a whisper, she said, “Master, yes, I liked it, Master.” I
struck her twice on each breast with the flogger. After she had absorbed
the pain, she smiled weakly.

    I said, “Char, you’re on informal speech, because I want to know how
you feel right now.”

    She looked up at me. “I was right,” she said. “I want more, please
William. I love you.”

    “Formal speech,” I said. She quickly lowered her eyes. I helped her
off of the toilet, held her as she stooped over the bidet, and then patted
her dry. “Get your ass to the rails,” I told her, then lightly struck her
ass with the crop.

    I walked beside Char, gently smacking her ass with the crop to speed
her up. By the time we reached the rails, she was almost running. After
pushing her against the front rail and attaching her belt, I made her
spread her legs, then secured her ankle manacles to attach points on the
floor. Standing up, I ran my hands lightly over her ass. “Does this feel
good?” I asked her. She nodded her head vigorously. “When I finish
spanking and flogging you, you’ll think your ass is on fire, and the
slightest caress will cause you pain. But you’ll still want this, won’t
you?” Again she nodded her head.

    After releasing her wrists, I bent her over and told her to grasp the
rear bar. I walked around the bars and stood between the mirrored wall and
the rear bar. “Do you want your wrists secured to the bar? Respond,” I

    Without hesitation, Char said, “Master, your slave wishes to be under
your control. Please attach it’s wrists to the bar, Master.” I clipped her
wrist manacles to the rail, then walked back around the bars. After
telling her to hold her head up and look at herself, I began spanking her.

    For the first 5 minutes, I spanked Char using my ususal technique. I
alternated from one cheek to the other, hitting her about once a second.
When I noticed the first signs of pain on her face, I switched to using
Char’s technique, the one that had proven so devastating to Carrie. I
began hitting her 10 times in a row on the same cheek, as fast as I could
strike. I paused a few seconds, then did the same to the other cheek.
After about 5 minutes of that, Char was crying, but she still had not made
a sound.

    In another 5 minutes, she was sobbing and gasping for breath. I picked
up the flogger and began rapidly flogging the backs of her thighs,
occasionally landing a blow on her already glowing ass. The first time the
flogger contacted her ass she screamed. I paused and asked her if she
wanted a gag, but she shook her head. She didn’t scream again after that,
but she continued sobbing loudly. Occasionally she spoke, saying how much
it hurt or that she couldn’t stand any more. Since this was Char’s first
real pain session, I wanted to see her full range of responses, so I
decided to let her speak if she wanted to.

    Finally I decided she had taken enough. I told her I was finished, and
I saw a faint smile mixed with the pain expressed on her face. I lightly
caressed her ass and thighs with my hands. “Does that hurt?” I asked. She
vigorously nodded her head, then I asked, “Do you want me to stop?” She
slowly shook her head, and her smile widened a bit.

    Char’s pussy was so wet that she was dripping onto the floor. As I
continued playing with her tortured backside, rubbing, caressing, and
slapping her ass and thighs, I plunged two fingers into her slit. She came
immediately, then I told her she was not to cum again without my
permission. I held my fingers still until I felt her orgasm subside, then
I began moving them slowly, in and out of her pussy, and then around the
walls of her vagina. She was still crying from the pain, but now she was
also moaning from the pleasure.

    I removed my fingers from Char’s pussy, then rubbed her sphincter,
smearing  the lubricating juices from her pussy onto her ass. Gently, I
pushed on her sphincter with my index finger. In a moment she opened, and
my finger slipped easily into her asshole. I spent a minute moving the
single finger in and out, occasionally making small circular motions
around the rim of her hole. After a while she became more relaxed, and I
felt very little resistance. I pulled my finger all the way out, then
immediately inserted two fingers, repeating the process. When she was
relaxed enough that I could fuck her easily with two fingers, I pulled
them out and pressed the tip of my cock against her. It slid right in, and
I heard her sigh.

    Char had nearly stopped crying. She held her head high, looking at her
face as I had ordered her to. I knew she was occasionally glancing at me,
but I decided to let her think she was getting away with it. With my cock
buried in her ass, I leaned over and pressed my chest against her back. I
reached around her torso and cupped both of her breasts in my hands, then
kissed her tenderly on her back, between her shoulder blades. “I’m very
proud of you,” I said. A shiver run through her body. “I’m going to put
you on informal speech, Char,” I said, “but you are to remain silent
except to answer my questions. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

    I began to fuck her ass, moving my cock slowly in and out. I asked
her, “Do you like how you feel now, with my cock stretching your asshole
and my body pressed against your tender ass?”

    She said, “God, yes, William. It’s wonderful. Please fuck me hard.”

    “I told you to only speak to answer my questions. Is this how you were
used during your captivity? How did he prefer to use you?”

    “He usually had me suck his cock, William,” she said.

    “When you’re passive, how do you prefer being fucked?”

    “I prefer to be fucked in my pussy, William. What you’re doing now
works too, when it’s accompanied by a light finger on my clit.” She
smiled, then added, “Sometimes a not-so-light finger.” I reached down with
my right hand, put my fingers into her cunt for lubrication, then began
touching and lightly rubbing her clit. She gasped and closed her eyes. I
told her to keep her eyes open, and reminded her that she was forbidden to
cum without my permission.

    “And when you’re the aggressor, what do you enjoy the most?”

    She moaned softly, then answered. “With a man, I prefer to straddle
his hips and ride him until he goes soft on me, or until I’m so exhausted
I can’t cum any more. With a woman, I love to eat her thoroughly, until I
feel her thighs trembling, and then to torment her clit with my lips,
tongue, and teeth, until she loses control and cums over and over again.
If she’s doing the same thing to me, there’s nothing I like better.”

    Changing the subject a little, I asked her, “Did you ever take
pleasure from being flogged or whipped, either at the organization or
during your captivity?”

    “Not that I can remember, William,” she said.

    “But you enjoyed being flogged today?”

    “Yes, Sir,” she said. She was breathing in short gasps now, and her
answers were punctuated with moans and soft cries.

    “Would you like to do it again, on a regular basis.”

    “It depends on what you mean by ‘regular’, William. But I know I want
it again.”

    “Would you enjoy it as much if Carrie spanked and flogged you? Or
might you enjoy it more from her?”

    “I don’t know, William. Let’s find out.”

    I was still fucking her and playing with her clit, and she was finding
it difficult to concentrate on my questions. As soon as I felt myself
approaching an orgasm, I said, “I’m about to cum, Char, and I want you to
cum with me.”

    “Yes, William, I’m ready,” she said. A few moments later, I came, and
a second later, Char came as well.

    I left my cock in Char until it became soft. After pulling out of her,
I walked around to the rear rail and freed her wrists, then returned and
unfastened her ankles and belt. “Let’s get you into bed,” I said. She
looked disappointed, until I began leading her to the slave bed, then she
looked at me and smiled.

    After installing Char in the bed, I moved the makeshift ass support
into place, then lowered the bed until it supported her. I had intended to
put a nipple clip and vibrator on each of her breasts, but the nipple
clips were upstairs in our bathroom. So, after fetching the blindfold from
the punishment area and putting it over her eyes, I went upstairs to get
the clips.

    As I came out of the bathroom with the nipple clips, Carrie stuck her
head in the bedroom door. She was eating an apple. When she saw me alone
in the room, she came in and asked, “Where’s Char?”

    “You’ll never believe it,” I told her. “Char asked me to take her to
the basement and use her any way I pleased. I spanked her and flogged her
ass, and she liked it. The next time, you’re going to do her, and I’ll
watch.” Then I remembered why Carrie wasn’t with us in the first place.
“Are you feeling better?” I asked her.

    “I woke up a few minutes ago, and I felt much better. Not exhausted
any more, just hungry,” she said, holding up the apple core. “It was only
9:00, and I didn’t think you’d be in bed yet, so I came looking for you.
I’ll go back to the guest bedroom and leave you alone with Char.”

    I put an arm around Carrie’s waist and forceably pulled her to me.
Putting my other hand behind her head, I gave her a long, hard kiss, which
she eagerly returned. When I pulled my lips away from hers, I said, “No,
you won’t. I’ve got Char secured in the slave bed. We’ll give her a
surprise, she’s already blindfolded.” I led her into the mural room by her
labia, put on her slave gear, then led her downstairs.

    We entered the basement and walked toward Char. Carrie was being as
quiet as possible, so Char would continue to think that she and I were
alone together. “I’m back, did you miss me, Slave?” I asked Char.

    “Yes, Sir. Your slave is eager to serve her Master,” Char said.

    “That’s good, Slave, because I have in mind several ways you can
serve,” I said. I kissed her passionately for a minute, then broke away
and readjusted her headrest so her head was tilted down at about a 45
degree angle. “Is that too uncomfortable?” I asked her. She said she was
fine, then I said, “This position is for a little later, after I’ve taken
care of some business at the other end of the bed.” That got me a big

    Standing between Char’s legs, I kissed the insides of her thighs. At
the same time, I gently caressed the areas I had spanked and flogged
earlier. She was soon moaning, so I turned my attention to her pussy.
Grasping both of her outer labia, I gently pulled them to the sides,
opening her pussy wide.

    “Don’t cum until I tell you, Char,” I said, before starting to gently
lick the area between her inner and outer lips. When moving from side to
side, I let my tongue linger around and on her clit. Still holding her
labia, I then plunged my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could reach.

    At the same time as I began exploring Char’s vagina, Carrie bent over
and touched her tongue lightly to Char’s nipple. Char gasped. “Who’s
there?” she asked. “Is that you, Carrie?”

    I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and said, “Quiet, Char. Don’t
you remember that you’re to remain silent except to answer questions?”

    “Yes, William, I’m sorry. I felt something touch my breast, and I
didn’t think it could be you.”

    “Just enjoy what you’re feeling, Char,” I said. “Don’t worry about
where the sensations are coming from.” I went back to work on her pussy
with my tongue and lips. I saw Carrie quietly move to the other side of
the bed, then she leaned over and again touched her tongue to Char’s
nipple. Char gasped again, but this time she remained quiet.

    After a few more minutes of cunnilingus, I asked Char if she was ready
to be fucked. “I’m always eager for sex with my Master, or my sister,” she
said. Carrie giggled in spite of herself, causing Char to laugh.

    “Ok, you’re both on informal speech, and you can cum whenever you
choose,” I said. “Carrie, give your sister something to do with her mouth
besides talk.” I straightened up, put my dick into Char’s pussy, and began
fucking her slowly.

    Carrie leaned down and said, “Hi, Sis,” then covered Char’s mouth with
her own. Char was completely immobilized in her slave bed, but Carrie’s
moans indicated that Char was holding her own in the kissing department.

    After kissing Char for awhile, Carrie pulled her lips from Char’s and
moved to kiss her nipples again. “Carrie, I’m hungry,” Char said, “can I
eat your pussy?”

    Carrie said, “Sure, Sweetie, anything for my little sister.” She moved
into position, then lowered her pussy over Char’s mouth. As Char went to
work on her pussy, Carrie leaned over and began using her mouth and hands
on Char’s breasts and nipples. After a few minutes, Carrie extended both
of her arms down Char’s body toward me. I put my hands over hers, and
together we caressed Char’s stomach and belly, while Carrie continued
kissing and licking Char’s nipples. It wasn’t long before Char and Carrie
came together, then I came a few seconds after them.

    When everyone’s orgasm had run its course, Carrie helped me extract
Char from the bed. She said, “When I had this bed built, I never dreamed
anyone but me would ever be in it. Now all three of us have been in it.”
Kissing Char, she said, “I couldn’t be happier that you’re here with us,
Char. The thought of sharing William with you was terrifying at first, but
now I know there was no need to fear.”

    My two slaves gave each other a long hug. When they separated, Carrie
put her hands on Char’s breasts. She said, “If I understand correctly, I
might soon get the pleasure of flogging these beauties, as well as
spanking your bony ass.”

    Char pretended at first she had been insulted, which was true. But
then the bigger thought sank in, that she had asked me for whippings and
floggings from Carrie. “Oh, God,” she said, “what have I done?” Looking at
me, she said, “William, can I change my mind? I’m not sure this is the
right thing for me.”

    I said, “You asked to try it, Char, and that’s what you’ll do. I’ll
decide how many times, and how often, Carrie spanks and flogs you, then
after a while you’ll get to decide if you want it to stop or to continue.
But no matter what, you’ll still have to endure the crop whenever Carrie
disobeys me, just like Carrie will have to endure it any time you

    Reminding them of my rules for punishment, that each would be punished
for the other’s offenses, dampened their moods a little. I told them they
had no need to worry, as long as they remained obedient. I took them
upstairs and removed their bondage gear. Then, while we took turns on the
toilet, I told them my plan for the remainder of the evening. “Char will
give Carrie a spanking. Then Carrie will go to bed in the guest bedroom,
Char and I will go to bed in the master bedroom.”

    Char spoke up immediately. “Please, William, we only decided to start
the new sleeping arrangements tonight because Carrie was so tired. But
she’s fine now, aren’t you, Sis?”

    Carrie nodded, then said, “You wouldn’t have me spanked and then put
me to bed without a fucking, would you William? You know how hot and horny
it makes me.”

    I said, “Char, you asked for this change in our sleeping arrangements,
now you’re whining about it the first night.” Turning to Carrie, I said,
“Carrie, you’ve spent several days in a fantasy world, where Char and I
were your slaves, devoting our full time to making you happy. Now you need
to understand that you’ve returned to the real world, where you’re my
slave. You’ll both stop arguing with me and do exactly as I say.”

    Carrie immediately lowered her eyes and said, “Yes, Sir.” I looked at
Char, and she did the same.


6 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 84

  1. Yes, I like it that like in real life he is allowed to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Not Han, Not William, not even your master, Abby. But to deal with it and still love, that is the key I think.

    I hope,


  2. Complicated, just too complicated.
    But, they have nothing to do, just fuck.. Not My word, Han, I am sorry, I would never use such word.. You know it, right?

    Mona Lisa


  3. I have always thought that the Dominant has the harder role in a relationship. William has two submissives…..and a lot of the time he gets it just right.
    hugs abby


  4. Again, really too soon for Char to realistically request and respond sexually to a spanking but… At least William shut the wining down at the end…was happy to see him step up to their manipulation.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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