Training Carrie, chapter 74

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 74

  In the living room. Philip was standing in front of the fireplace,
talking to a man in a very expensive suit, Italian I guessed. The man held
a thin leather briefcase. Carrie stopped with the couch between us and
them. I looked around, everything looked normal. It was possible there
were other people in the house, out of sight, but I decided to take a
chance. I put a hand on Carrie’s shoulder and squeezed. Feeling her relax,
I pulled the gun out of her waistband. Holding it by the barrel, I showed
it to Philip and his friend. “Just being careful, Philip,” I said.

    Neither seemed surprised or alarmed. “Shall we get down to business?
Time is a factor.” the man said. Philip did the introductions, telling us
the man’s name was Edward Bishop.

    “Why don’t we sit down at the dining room table?” Carrie said. We
moved to the dining room. While Philip went to get coffee, I sat at the
head of the table, with Carrie on my right and Char on my left. The lawyer
sat next to Carrie, and when Philip returned with a tray of coffee, he sat
next to Char. Philip poured everyone a cup of coffee, and when he set
Char’s cup in front of her, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek,
causing him to blush.

    When everyone had taken a sip of coffee, the lawyer spoke. “As I said,
time is against us. We should get down to business, if everyone concurs.”
He was looking at me, and I nodded. “As Philip said, My name is Edward
Bishop,” he said. “I’m here because I have a long-standing relationship
with Philip, on a professional and a personal level, and he has asked for
my help.”

    “I’ll get right to the point,” he continued. Looking at Carrie and me,
he said, “Philip has explained your histories, your relationship, and your
problem to me.” Looking directly at Carrie, he said, “We are making
progress on many fronts, to secure your birthright and ensure your safety.
Compelling evidence has been obtained, by a private detective working on
your behalf, whom I understand you have met. That evidence has been turned
over to a Federal Prosecutor, who is highly motivated to put an end to the
activities of the entity you know as the organization, and to prosecute
its principals to the fullest extent possible.

    “With the help of the prosecutor, I have been appointed by the court
as a Special Master, charged with responsibility for securing your
birthright, and assuming the duties of your current attorney, Edward

    When she heard the name Collins, Char gasped and looked at Carrie.
Carrie reached across the table and took Char’s hand, as Bishop continued.
“When this meeting is concluded, Philip and I will board the first
available flight to Denver. With the help of local authorities there, I
will serve Mr. Collins with papers relieving him of all responsibilities
as your attorney, and requiring him to immediately turn over all of your
records to me. Before that can occur, we need your approval and signature
on a number of papers.”

    Bishop opened his briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers. When he
set them on the table in front of Carrie, I guessed the stack was half an
inch high. Carrie looked at me, and I said she should read everything
before signing it. Bishop said that would also be his advice.

    Carrie started reading. Occasionally she would ask Bishop a question,
and he always seemed to give her a concise answer that satisfied her,
though for the most part I had no clue what they were talking about. As
Carrie finished each document, she passed it to me. I tried to read the
first one she gave me. After that, I concentrated on keeping the papers in
a neat pile as she passed them to me. When she realized I wasn’t reading
the documents, she grinned at me and kept reading.

    When Carrie finished reading the documents, several cups of coffee
later, she looked up at Philip. “Do these seem in order to you, Philip?”
she asked.

    “Yes, Carrie, I believe every thing’s in order,” Philip said.

    Carrie took the stack back from me and began signing where required.
As directed by Bishop, she passed each document to Philip after she signed
it, and Philip signed as a witness.

    When Carrie and Philip had signed all of the documents in the stack,
Bishop produced one last document. He said, “We’re not trying to scare
you, Carrie, but Philip and I recommend you make a will. I’ve drawn one up
for your signature. Philip thought that you would want your estate divided
evenly between Mr. Patterson and your half sister, Charlene Collins.

    “No, that’s wrong,” I said. “Everything should go to Char. It’s out of
the question that any of it goes to me.”

    Carrie and I argued back and forth about it, until Char spoke up and
asked, “How much money are we talking about?”

    “I’ll have a better figure after I’ve examined Carrie’s records,”
Bishop said, “but I estimate that we are talking about approximately 150
million dollars.”

    Char said “Wow,” then she thought for a moment. Finally she looked at
me and said, “Let’s split it, William.”

    Carrie laughed. “Hey guys,” she said, “I’m not dead yet, but I agree
that a will is a smart idea. And since it’s my dough, I get to decide how
it’s split. Each of you gets half.” She signed the will, then slid it over
to Philip to witness it. Then she added, “We’ll have to revise it anyway,
after William and I have kids.”

    Philip looked stunned. “Carrie, I thought you couldn’t have any more
children,” he said.

    “I thought so too, Philip,” Carrie said. “But William says I’ll have
his children, and he never lies to me.” She reached out her hand, and I
took it in mine. Philip glanced at me after signing the will. I’m sure he
had added this instance to his mental list of ways I was manipulating his
little girl.

    The lawyer had everything he needed, so he was anxious to be on his
way. But he did take the time to assure Carrie again that we were making
progress and that she was in good hands. He shook all of our hands, then
put on his coat and went out the front door. Philip lingered a moment to
tell us some details, the most important of which was that Carrie’s,
Char’s and my files could not be restored in the organization’s computers
once Jimmy and his hacker had deleted them. That was the primary reason
that legal action against the organization was being initiated now, before
the missing files were discovered.

    Right before Philip left us, he asked Char to get him a glass of
water. When she left the dining room, Philip told Carrie and I the reason
he was going to Denver with Bishop. “After the legal business is settled,
I’m going to confront Edward with what his son Arthur has done. When I
talk to him, face to face, I’ll know if he had anything to do with Char’s
kidnapping and enslavement. If he had part in that, there’ll be
consequences.” Philip looked directly at me when he said that last part,
and I remembered him using that phrase before. I knew exactly what
consequences he meant.

    As Philip was going out the front door, Carrie said, “Philip, we’re
running low on everything in the kitchen. We need to go to the city, to
buy groceries.”

    “No you don’t,” Philip said with a grin. “I restocked the refrigerator
and pantry before I woke you up. See you in a few days, we’ll talk more
then.” Then he left. As we heard a car start up and drive away, we all
looked at one another. I wondered if things were really going our way, and
if we could soon stop worrying about retaliation from the organization or
from that son of a bitch, Arthur Collins.

    Char’s mind was on other things. “Why is my family so fucked up?” she

    Carrie took Char in her arms and hugged her. “So far,” Carrie told
her, we only know that your half brother is fucked up. We know you’re Ok.
In fact, considering what you’ve been through, you’re a whole lot better
than Ok. Philip is going to talk to your … to Arthur’s father, to see if
he had anything to do with your kidnapping. Until that happens, we don’t
know that Edward Collins is working against us. And I didn’t know your
mother, but I know you loved her, and that tells me she was a good

    “What about our father, Carrie? Was he a good man?” Char asked.

    Carrie thought about it for a long time. Finally she said, “Not
really, but as far as I know he never kidnapped and tortured any young
women.” Then she added, “I always thought of Philip as my father, Char.
Philip has done bad things, but he’s a good person.”

    Trying to lighten things up, I said, “Didn’t we just get good news?
Shouldn’t we be happy, maybe even thinking of how to celebrate?”

    Carrie and Char turned to me. Carrie grinned. “You’re right,” she
said, “let’s drive into the city, shop all day, and have a night on the

    I smiled at her. “Let’s talk about it over breakfast, which you and
Char will please prepare, while I make another pot of coffee.”

    Carrie clapped her hands. “He’s not saying No, Char! We’re getting out
of here,” she said.

    “I’m not saying Yes either, Carrie,” I told her. “I said we’d talk
about it over breakfast.”

    “That’s fine, William. Until you say No, I’m assuming we’re going.”
She kissed me, then asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

    “Surprise me,” I said. As Carrie turned away to begin breakfast, I put
a hand on her shoulder and turned her back to face me. “Raise your arms,”
I said. When she put her hands in the air, I removed her sweater, then
kissed each breast. After also removing Char’s sweater and kissing her
breasts, I told them to start breakfast.

    When we were all seated for breakfast, Carrie looked at me, and said,
“Well, are we going to the city?”

    “How would we get there?” I asked.

    Carrie looked at me a a few seconds. “Well, we could walk,” she said.
Then she grinned and added, “Or, we could take the SUV.”

    I looked at her a few seconds. “The truck that’s parked in front of
the house, beside the driveway?” she said.

    “That belongs to you?” I asked stupidly.

    “Legally I own it, which means it really belongs to you,” she said.
“Who the fuck did you think it belonged to?”

    I shook my head. Of course she owned it. Parked in that one spot since
I got here, it had long ago become part of the landscape for me. It never
occurred to me that it was Carrie’s, but who else’s would it be?

    “You have the keys?” I asked Carrie.

    A little exasperated, she said, “No, William, you have the keys. The
key to the truck is on your key chain, which is currently on the console
table in the mural room.”

    Not yet tired of stupid questions, I asked “How would we get through
the gate? Would Beverly agree to open it for us?”

    Carrie didn’t know whether to be annoyed or amused. “We’d use a key to
open the gate, William, whether Beverly likes it or not” she told me,
speaking slowly for effect. Turning to Char, she said, “If he asks where
the key to the gate is, please slap him for me.” Char giggled.

    “We’ve had a key to the gate all the time?” I asked.

    Carrie said, “Philip said I should never use it. But if something ever
happened to he and Beverly, he didn’t want me to be trapped here with no
way to get out.”

    “Ok,” I said, “I’m going to start asking smarter questions. What would
we do in the city?”

    Carrie said, “I told you, shop and go out on the town. Char needs some
clothes that actually fit her, so that’s what we’ll do first. Then we’ll
have lunch in a good restaurant, shop some more or maybe see a movie, get
a motel room and fuck for awhile, then go out for dinner and dancing.”

    Char hadn’t spoken since we began talking about going to the city, so
I asked her what she thought about a trip to the city. “Can I stay here?”
she asked. Carrie asked her why she wanted to stay behind. After a pause,
Char said, “I feel safe here, I’m afraid to leave. And I haven’t been
around people for years, I wouldn’t know how to act. You’ll both have more
fun if I stay here. That’s what I’d like to do.”

    Carrie looked at me, and I shook my head just enough for her to see. I
could see the look of disappointment flash across her face, in her mind we
were already on the road. But then she shrugged it off, smiled, and nodded
at me. She reached her hand across the table, and Char took it. “That’s
all right, Sweetie, we’re staying here with you. We’ll all go to the city
together, when you’re ready.”

    Char looked upset. “No,” she said, “I don’t want to keep you and
William from having fun. Please go without me. I’ll be just fine here, I’m
used to being alone.”

    “It’s settled, Char,” I said, smiling at her. “We’re a family, and we
do everything together. The city will still be there, we’ll go when we can
all go together. But Carrie had a very good idea, buying you some new
clothes. You and Carrie can still do that, starting right after

    “How can we do that, and not go into town?” Char asked.

    Carrie laughed, and said, “Char, I’m going to show you something
called the Internet. You’re gonna love it.”

    After we had cleaned up the breakfast mess, I took Carrie and Char to
the bedroom and stripped them. The clock said it was a little past 9:00.
We all went to Philip’s office, where the PC was located, and Carrie began
Char’s introduction to the Internet and online shopping. Char was sitting
in Carrie’s lap, typing and clicking as Carrie directed, while Carrie’s
hands roamed over Char’s body. I told them they had until 11:00 to finish
their shopping, and gave Carrie a list of the types of clothes I wanted
available for Char. Naturally, the list was heavy on sheer clothing, in
particular a sheer black gown that would complement or match Carrie’s
gown. I then told them I had other things to do, and they were to remain
in the office area until I came for them. Carrie looked at me, but I
offered her no further explanation. She shrugged, then returned her
attention to the PC and Char’s body as I left the room.

    I knew Carrie’s heart had been set on going to the city. Even though I
thought it was a bad idea, I was going to agree to the outing, until Char
objected. Carrie had taken the decision with more understanding than I
could have hoped for, prompting me to reward her. I decided that she would
experience the extended, expanded version of her “The Story of O”
adventure, starting this afternoon.

    Although I had thought about possible scenarios to extend and expand
her experience, I still didn’t have a firm plan for the scenes. The one
thing I knew was that Char would be crucial to making the scenes
believable, but I hadn’t yet discussed anything with her. I was
unprepared, the odds of a major screw-up were high, but I decided to go for
it anyway.

    I sat in my favourite chair in the bedroom, eyes closed, planning the
individual scenes Carrie would be put through. After 15 minutes or so, I
thought I had a workable plan. I got up and started preparing.

    I needed some tie points, to secure Carrie by rope or chain in a
couple of different rooms. In the basement, I removed some eye-bolts from
the shower area. Since they screwed directly into a wall stud, I could put
them anywhere I needed them. Taking them and a drill to the guest bedroom,
which would be O’s bedroom during her first night at the Château, I
inserted two eye-bolts into wall studs. One was high over the bed, and the
other was lower, off to the side of the bed. Then I went to the living
room, where she would be whipped for the first time. I put one eye-bolt
high up on the wall beside the fireplace, one at waist level below the
first, and a third one at waist level, but three feet off to the side.

    Returning to the basement, I found a 12-foot section of light chain in
one of the drawers. That would be perfect to secure her in bed and when
she was whipped. Before leaving the basement, I adjusted the overhead
spotlights so that there was dim illumination on one side of the
punishment stage and over the toilet. The rest of the basement was dark. I
spread a blanket on the floor of the punishment stage, where Carrie’s
dungeon scene would take place.

    In the bedroom, I stood staring at Carrie’s clothes in the closet. I
wanted Carrie and Char to have costumes, but there was nothing available
that even remotely resembled the elaborate gowns described in the book.
After a lot of thought, I decided that a simple outfit consisting of a
blouse, miniskirt, and heels would do just fine. I felt I was ready.

    Char and Carrie were on the floor in the office, in a tightly-coupled
69 position. I stood and watched for awhile, amused that my formerly shy,
inexperienced Carrie was now so wholeheartedly bisexual. And with her own
sister, no less. “I trust that you finished shopping before play time
began,” I said finally. Carrie pulled her mouth away from Char’s twat long
enough to say that they had. “It’s almost 11:30, come to the kitchen and
prepare lunch,” I told them. They both groaned, but they immediately
uncoupled and got off the floor.

    “What was all that drilling?” Carrie asked. I told her she would find
out later.

    I was sitting on the kitchen stool, watching Carrie and Char prepare a
light lunch. “Carrie, do you know what a ‘safe word’ is?” I asked. She
didn’t, so I explained it to her. Then I asked, “What word would you like
as your safe word, Carrie?”

    Carrie stopped what she was doing, and turned to face me. “I don’t
need a safe word, William,” she said, “I’ve always been safe with you.”

    “Do you remember what you asked me after our little ‘Story of O’ drama
ended?” I asked her.

    She thought for a moment, then grinned at me. “When?” she asked.

    “This afternoon,” I answered. “You need a safe word, just this one

    “Please, William, I don’t want a safe word. O didn’t have a safe
word.” She walked over to me and put her palm on my chest, and said
quietly, “I trust you completely, Master. Make it real for me, hurt me.”

    “Your safe word is ‘Marlene’,” I told her. “If you don’t need it,
fine. If you choose not to use it, that’s up to you. Now, tell me your
safe word.”

    “My safe word is ‘Marlene’, William,” she said. I kissed her and told
her to help Char finish preparing lunch. As they worked, Carrie kept
looking over at me and grinning.


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