You have made it this far. It is a very long story, entirely unsuitable blog material. But you have reached the half way point. I’m curious how many of you will read right to the end of the story with me.
The number however, doesn’t count. It’s a tribute to the anonymous writer, it’s a thank you to all the beautiful things that came from this story, right until the present day.

I hope you like the second half as much as the first. And to those who are not reading but scrolling a lot, sorry šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. Like any story we like some bits and some we don't. Do not feel obligated to read if you don't like it, Mona Lisa.
    The blog is also a collection place for pretty memories. And Training Carrie needs to be here.

    Thank you for reading. Take care of yourself and those who love you.



  2. I'm glad you have the time now Appy. I hope there will be enough in the rest of the story to keep you reading…

    I hope you like the second half as much as the first.


  3. Although not all is y cup of tea, I like the story, Han. It was on my computer all the time and I didn't have or didn't take the time to read it, except the first chapter. I must have started to forget things already in those days. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the reminder.



  4. I am hanging in there, my friend…actually looking forward to my nightly read….thank you for publishing it….
    hugs abby


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