You see where the rope was, and I can tell you she was tightly bound. And now she sits there naked on his naked lap. He doesn’t look at her, she doesn’t look at him. But the could not have been closer if they were melted into one shape.

It is complete surrender.The picture is much more sensual than the picture in Liberated. Almost the same pose, even the rope is on her legs. Both pictures were taken after bondage. Maybe it’s the black and white that makes this picture so different. Maybe it’s because the light of the picture is on her chest and her face is in half dark. She closed her eyes in complete surrender. He holds her at her most vulnerable spot, her neck. She gives him the power over her complete body. With the other hand he constrains her hands. Not tight like the bonds were. But he will hold her tight is she struggles.

On his naked lap.


4 thoughts on “Open

  1. I like to express what a picture opens in myself. And that is open en vulnerable in a completely different Point of View.

    Thank you for your kind words,


  2. Oh my friend…you find pictures that speak 1,000 words and at the same time…need no words…
    hugs abby


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