History does repeat itself

It rarely happens that history repeats itself, but sometimes there are striking parallels. According to a passage in Part 5 of “A thousand years of weather, wind and water in the Low Countries’ (2006) in which the social geographer drs. Jan Buisman describes the weather history of the Netherlands between 1675 and 1750. In 1685, 330 years ago, as a result of the actions of French king Louis XIV, a wave of emigration which 200 000 Huguenots flooded Western Europe.

Buisman ‘illustrates’ his history with examples from everyday life of the common man (or woman), it could be failed crops by heavy rain or scorching heat or, in this case, the confrontation with a “tsunami of Huguenots‘.

The reason for the wave of migration was the decision of Louis XIV on October 17, 1685 to revoke the Edict of Nantes. It was enacted in 1598 by the French king Henry IV to put an end to religious quarrels in France (See my post about Blood Wedding). The Huguenots (Protestants) were given rights to exercise their faith. After the Edict was revoked by the Sun King with the Edict of Fontainebleau, which had put an end to the influence of French Catholics by now hated Huguenots. And that led to a mass evacuation of the Huguenots all over Europe.

Based on Historiek Article by André Horlings

4 thoughts on “History does repeat itself

  1. Poor people indeed in more sense than one. It makes us humble how rich and safe we are.

    And no, we don't learn from our mistakes. Not often as a human being, not often as a society as a whole.

    Thank you for your nice comment, though,


  2. There are not a lot of subjects I'm not interested in, Cat, so the blog is full of far too long posts and short snippets of various subjects.

    Anyway, I like it this way, and I'm more than pleased you like it as well…



  3. This make me so sad, Han, that we can't learn of history , of misstakes ..
    And behind all are: powerhunget, money, greed.
    Poor people..

    Mona Lisa


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