In order to do my job, I was taught to listen well. And listening is more than keeping quiet.
It will surprise you that not many people can. Listen.


8 thoughts on “Listen

  1. No one is perfect, Leigh. Of course you do that sometimes. Men do this more than women, because of their natural tendency to solve a problem without being asked to…

    Thank you very much for your comment,


  2. I agree. Many people are thinking of their response instead of listening to what is being said. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of that with Ray sometimes.


  3. Oh, I am sure they will remember. The teachers with unusual methods you will remember all your life. Skills you learn when you are young have a good rate of return.

    Wonderful comment,


  4. Love this quote! So key to good communication and to learning. Thanks so much for sharing Han!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  5. Hi Han, 🙂

    Listening! Oh yes, very powerful and important in any relationship. I know that now. And sometimes… well it takes a little loving “attention” to get there. Oops! LOL!

    Great post! Listening well and not interrupting is something that I have gotten much better at with Rob. Well- I'd more push my agenda because I felt that I knew best kind of thing. I did not always listen and still work on this from time to time. Peace, love and harmony these days. Can you hear that all the way from our house to yours? Love this! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  6. One of my big pet peeves…when I was teaching i actually make up listening activities that we did once a week, and then discussed them…hope some of it stuck with them.
    hugs abby


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