First, there was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Then, she Played With Fire and Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. More than 10 years ago Lisbeth Salander’s creator Stieg Larsson died before he got the chance to see his books become so famous. His publisher and the heirs of his estate (his father and brother, his wife did not get one penny from the millons the books made worldwide because they were not married) ordered a Swedish writer to write a sequel.

Stieg Larsson cannot object anymore. And the book will make the father, brother and publisher richer and richer and richer and richer.

How much money you have, it is never, ever enough.


15 thoughts on “Greed

  1. Yes, it's addictive I think. Well I consider myself lucky Appy. I can look full of content the contents of my shopping cart and think: to think that I can buy all this, and so many people cannot.

    Be content with what you have, I think,



  2. I totally agree with you Rebel, but I don't think the people making the money will listen, they will be too busy counting…

    Thank you so much for your comment,


  3. You feel strongly about it as well Mona Lisa? I'm glad you do. But I think they will sell millions of copies of part 4….

    He wrote the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic before this book. Have not read that book either…



  4. Yes, it is, isn't it Abby? I was probably in a bad mood, girl. I have a friend from Surinam that supports three families from one salary lower than mine. So yes, you are right, there are many giving people in the world as well and I know lots of people who do volunteer work.

    So, thank you for balancing my judgement,


  5. I saw this on TV too and think this is so sad. They just want more money, not thinking of his wife and her feelings and “using” the fans who want to know more about Lisbeth Salander to get more money. They should have left it as it was and not be so greedy.

    Rebel xox


  6. Upp på barikaderna!
    Do not buy, do not read , do not see

    there is manuskript to book 4 .
    Write. By Stig.
    It is at Evas place.
    All this is so sad..
    Thank you, Han , for writing about this.

    You think they will be happy to have more and more monday?

    Mona Lisa


  7. I can understand his brother and father being proud of his work and wanting it published but to continue the saga by another author simply for the sake of more millions?…I call b*ll sh*t…nothing but greed. So sad.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  8. It is a sad commentary on the state of our world…when no matter how much, it is never enough. But I have to add, I know of many who share, even when they have less than most, and am blessed with many friend who make volunteer work fun.
    hugs abby


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