Car, Smart

I always have had a weak spot for the Smart Car. It is indeed such a smart concept. I like Smart. Smart people are joy to be around with, and smart Cars.

I would not choose this one, but for all you ladies who love chocolate:


8 thoughts on “Car, Smart

  1. Et tu, Brute? Cat, cat, cat. Mmmm. They are just the right size. If you don't see them on the interstate is because they are so bloody fast. Fast and furious. Or you have to make an appointment. Glasses would look beautiful on you.

    Cat's eyes are usually very good,


  2. Really?

    Ah, no, say you don't mean that. You are kidding me, right? The Smart is the most smart car ever invented. Long people have enough space for their legs. It is so beautifully and smart built.

    It is a work of art.



  3. I agree with Sunny…love chocolate, especially dark, and smart people but don't like 'smart cars'. They are way too small…too hard to see on the interstate.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  4. Your car posts are fun. I like the idea of having such a small car. Parking would be more convenient.

    I love chocolate, but wouldn't want to advertise it as I'm driving. I'd like a purple one. I don't even know if Smart Cars come in that colour.


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