My twin year

Today I am:

55 years 9 months 29 days
or 669 months 29 days
or 2913 weeks 0 days
or 20,391 days
or 489,384 hours
or 29,363,040 minutes
or 1,761,782,400 seconds

old. It is my twin year. My 1 has found a twin when I was 11, but I was unaware of how beautiful that was. My 2 has found a twin at 22 but I was too horny to notice. My 3 has found a twin at 33 but I was too busy with being a dad to care. My 4 has found a twin at 44 but I was too busy studying to see.

And now my 5 has found a twin at 55. I mentioned that before. And today I noticed that my twin year is going so fast like sand through my fingers. And so I take a moment to stop time and think of all the things I should be grateful for.

Let me begin with my beloved that knows me so well and still likes me. It is a wonderful feeling that someone that knows all your faults and your little stupid things one does, and still loves you. My love feeds on her love.
My daughter, that came so late in my life and now life would be without meaning if she was not there. My daughter whose strength is invisible to others, but she makes me burst with pride every single day because of it.

You know was never in need of friendships. My wife has dozens of friends and is really a social animal. I cannot walk with her in the city or we stop for every few minutes to talk with some friend she sees there. I never had either the longing for or the need of friends around me. All my time was filled with other things.

(There was a time when I was nearly 30 and I said to myself, I’m having enough of living alone, I want to find a wife. And I did.) And when I opened my blog I opened myself and said: I’m having enough of not having friends. I want to find me some true friends. And I did. Find them. And I am very grateful that I have found them at last.

So this year has been a year full of wonders. A wonderful year sounds so without meaning. For me it means a year full of wonderment. Small wonders. Huge dumbfoundment. I have had my share of stupid mistakes this year, and I had my moment of being completely in awe this year.
It has been a year where my 5 connected with his twin 5 and they both appreciated fully being together.

Still more than two months to go. I hope I’ll be astonished by those months as I was with my first.


12 thoughts on “My twin year

  1. A war child, your Ray? Mmmm, always said that Ray got wonderful taste in women. That at least we have in common, Leigh.

    Thank you for your kind words,


  2. What a wonderful outlook you have on life, Han. Happy Twin Year to you! I love reading your blog even if I do not always comment. It is always so interesting.



  3. Happy twin year Han…I echo what CB said…may the rest of your twin year be filled with wonder. I am so happy you opened your blog…you are such a gift to us.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  4. Once you open your mind, the possibilities are endless.

    Today is Ray's 26,280 day this time around, he's come to a lot of your conclusions.


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