Guessing game


4 thoughts on “Guessing game

  1. Smile, I always try to pay attention to my replies, just like you do Blonde. Even if I'm a few days late sometimes, I reply each and all… I kind of liked Excalibur…

    Happy to surprise you,


  2. Of course I can help you Mona Lisa, it must be the teacher in me. I will give you a few hints and you do the rest, OK?

    ankle spanker, baby-arm, beaver basher, bed snake,best friend,
    blue-vein sausage, penis sangbo nam rod, baby-maker, bell on a pole,beef whistle, boomstick, burrito, bishop,bratwurst, braciole,
    candle, captain, choad, chopper, cock, cranny axe, cum gun, custard launcher, dagger, deep-V diver, dick, dickie, ding dong mcdork, dingus, disco stick, dog head, drum stick, dong, donger, dork, dude piston, dragon, eggroll, Easy Rider, Excalibur, fang, ferret, flesh flute, flesh tower, foto, fire hose, fuck rod, fuck stick, fudge sickle, fun stick, groin ferret, giggle stick, goofy goober, hairy hotdog, heat-seeking moisture missile, helmet head, hose, hog, jackhammer, Jimmy, John, Johnson, John Thomas, joystick, kickstand, king sebastian, knob, Krull the warrior king, lap rocket, leaky hose, lingam, little Alex, little Bob, little Elvis, lizard (as in “drain the…”), longfellow, love muscle, love rod, love stick, love whistle, luigi, manhood, man umbrella, meat popsicle, meat stick, meat sword, meat injection, member, meter long king kong dong, microphone, middle stump, mushroom head, mutton, netherrod, old boy, old fellow, old man, one-eyed anaconda, one-eyed trouser-snake, one-eyed monster, one-eyed wonder weasel, one-eyed yogurt slinger, pecker, Pedro, peepee, Percy, peter, Pied Piper, Pig skin bus, pink oboe, pink torpedo, piss weasle, piston, plug,pnor, poinswatter, pork sword, prick, princess sophia, private eye, private part, purple-helmeted warrior of love, purple-headed yogurt flinger, quiver bone, rod, rod of pleasure, roundhead, sausage, sebastianic sword, schlong, schlong dongadoodle, schmuck, shmuck, schnitzel, schwanz, schwarz, sea monster (as in “drain the…”), shaft, short arm, skin flute, soldier, spawn hammer, stick shift, sub, surfboard, Tallywhacker, Tan Bannana, tassle, third leg, thumper, thunderbird 3 (my favourite thunderbird), thundersword, tinker, todger, tonk, tool, trouser snake, tubesteak, twig (& berries), twinkie, uncle dick, vein, wand, wang, wang doodle, wanger, wedding tackle, wee wee, whoopie stick, wiener, Wiener Schnitzel, wick, willy, wing dang doodle, winkie, yingyang, yogurt gun, diddle

    Glad to be of help,


  3. What? It is not banana?
    Now I have no idea what it could be.
    Really, no banana?
    No, Han, you must help me and say me what it is.

    Mona Lisa


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