how to love a man

I have a beard for as soon as the hairs began to grow, I think. Love the man, love the beard!


6 thoughts on “how to love a man

  1. LOVE this post, Han! 🙂

    I love, Love, LOVE my man! And I love his beard too. LOL! Rob has had it almost all of the 30 years we have been together. It is pretty neatly trimmed- not long or anything. I think that he looks very handsome with it. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  2. I hope people think of me as a bit older. I do have a beard. That makes me look very old. (Jack Whitehall)

    At least my hair is turning in snow white. I kind of like that.


  3. Some men look very good in a beard and others don't…I'm betting you're one of those that look very good Han.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  4. Japp. I have always liked and still like a beard on a man. When I met Leo, he had a beard and he was so handsome ..
    So yes, absolut, Han.

    Mona Lisa


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