Nipples again

What is it with you, Han? Nipples, Jeez! They are just.. nipples. Made for breastfeeding you know. First you write ode to the nipple in the A-Z challenge you make N = Nipple play where you showed this painting:

Well, today I want to show you this picture, clearly inspired on Gabrielle d’Estrées et une de ses soeurs. The artist of the picture below is unknown to me, just like the picture above.

We see both girls in the window but they have no time for us, They only have eyes for each other. Yet the heads are pointing at us. The breasts same shape and size brown and white are at plain sight. And although the pinching of the nipple of the white girl would suggest dominance over the brown girl, she holds her hand on the white girls shoulder.

The brown girls other hand is on her back. A submissive gesture as well?

Han, not all things are to be translated in Domination and submission.
But still…


6 thoughts on “Nipples again

  1. Ah, Appy most of the times I agree with you but this time I don't. She doesn't look very happy on the right, does she? Don't confuse a temper with dominance and submission, my friend.

    Nice of you to comment,


  2. Not, huh? Appy doesn't agree with you. And in my book the one that holds the nipple holds the power to pinch and inflict pain. So, I will stick to my first idea…



  3. You are too funny Han…really no way to tell from these pictures who is dominant and who is submissive. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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