Nurses Day

In America they celebrate “National Nurses Week” from May 6-12. In Canada they celebrate “National Nursing Week” from May 11-17.
In the Netherlands we celebrate “the day of Nursing” on the birthday of Florence Nightingale on May 12th. One day to honour our nurses.

In Holland today on May 12th our “Dag van de Verpleging”. All nurses will get some small token and a thank-you letter from the organisation you work for. So, thank you all nurses where ever you are all over the world for the wonderful work that you do. Let me honour you with this little card:


10 thoughts on “Nurses Day

  1. You're welcome Mona Lisa. I have seen your Last Post. Wonderful Post, really. I do hope you will keep coming back sometime on my blog to comment? Please?



  2. Here in the UK we celebrate today. Sadly nurses don't get any kind of token from their employers. However, many healthcare organisations will today be holding special events to celebrate their nurses. Happy nurses day to all my fellow nurses around the world! xx


  3. Nurses are definitely the unsung heroes of the medical profession. Joining you Han in saying thanks.

    Hugs and blessings…


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