Z = Ziezo


Ziezo is Dutch for  “all right, that’s it, there!, there you are!” It is finished, the A-Z challenge of April 2015. Loving Submission was my theme of this year. It would not have been the same without the erotic alphabet letters that were more than a little naughty. Well, Blogger seems to think it is OK again, so I posted them before they changed their mind again.

I hope I did justice to the loving in loving submission.
To all of you who read my posts: thank you for reading.
To all of you who commented on my posts: thank you so much for your feedback.


5 thoughts on “Z = Ziezo

  1. My congratulations to you too for finishing this challenge. I enjoyed it very much, Han. Thank you.



  2. Yay! You made to the the finish line… congrats! I loved the lettered graphics that you had for each post.

    I signed up again for the June Spanking A to Z challenge. Will you be participating in that one again?


  3. You did an awesome job on this challenge Han and using those beautiful letters was a stroke of genius! Thanks so much.

    Hugs and blessings…


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