U = Underwear

What is more exiting for man than to catch a glimpse of the clothes beneath the clothes? And all woman have a radar for the perverts like me that counts women without a bra, the see when you are talking to their breasts. And what underwear is more exiting than a corset.

Now a corset is not what is was a hundred years ago. Around 1900 the corset was very popular and in the picture you can see what the corset looked like in those days.

Now women hardly wear corsets anymore. Most wear bra’s. Even under a spaghetti-strap dress the bra prominently shows its straps, in a colour that you think: Wow, it was dark this morning when you choose that one. It annoys me many woman don’t wear a good bra, most of them are too soft, give too little support. Buy a good bra. Let the woman in the store measure your breast. Acknowledge the fact that both breast have different sizes. Don’t buy too small, don’t buy too big.

Just a little friendly advice from a guy that likes looking at it.


6 thoughts on “U = Underwear

  1. Corsets do wonderful things for your figure, but they are terribly uncomfortable. Bras, I hate them, always have – even the really good ones. Now unless it's a special occasion, the softer the better.

    Now, have finally come to appreciate thongs though it


  2. Corsets are lovely Han but don't want to wear one…too painful. Thanks for sharing the interesting chart regarding bras.

    Hugs and blessings…


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