P = Positions

There are a zillion vanilla sex positions, all very exiting and well worth a try. But this post is about Spanking positions. I have found this position in combination with the level of pain chart. Now the Arkham Scale is used often to measure pain in a scale from 1 to 10.

This position guide helps you if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. And I might add that an Arkham 1 is possible in any of these positions.


8 thoughts on “P = Positions

  1. Ah Nadu, Ah.
    Toes wiggling huh? (4) sounds good to me Mona Lisa.

    It is the strength of the spanker that counts, it is the feeling of the spankee… And that is different from person to person, some people have a high pain tolerance, some don't. All is good!

    Thank you for reading,


  2. Oh. you mean THESE positiones ?
    Ok, I was thinking about Nadu..lol.

    Hmm.. from 1-4 at ones.
    what positiones are good för 2 or 3 Mr Arkham ?
    What ? Not interesting ?
    Yes, I udnerstand.. you must be on the position where you are not bent in any way.
    Otherwise you would ,Mr. Arkhan enlighten us even about postion 2, 45 ..
    I promise ..lol

    Ok, I am a good girl again…ahum.

    Thank you, Han.

    Mona Lisa


  3. Love the chart Han! You do find and share the coolest things. I do have to say that I have never experienced an Arkham 1. LOL Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hugs and blessings…


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