K = Kneeling

The K seems to be only kneeling for me. Almost a year ago I wrote about kneeling and now again.
It is wonderful if you are young and flexible and in good shape when a Dominant berates his submissive about kneeling. But some people, maybe even most people as a matter if fact, are not as flexible as they would want to be.
So keep lots of cushions or pillows around in the bedroom, in fact in every room you want to play. Knee pads are very good and strapped to the knee is effective but not very elegant. Elegance is in pride, in posture, in effort to please and not in beauty or youth.
Squat down to the floor. If you need to open your knees in lowering down to the ground. Put keep your hands behind your back.
Keep the upper body as rigid and straight as you possibly can. Put tension to your upper body to sit straight.
After you squat move your body weight slightly forward so you “fall” on the cushion before you with your knees. Without waiting a second move your ankles to each other as close as you can and your knees together, unless the dominant has given other instructions. Keep your hand behind your back.
Getting up can be difficult as well. If you can get up in one graceful fluent movement of the body, oh well that is wonderful for you. A lot of us cannot. They need the leg that is the strongest to get in an upright position and stand up using that leg as a lever to raise yourself. If you do that in quick motions it doesn’t look disgraceful at all. 


6 thoughts on “K = Kneeling

  1. Two windows will make you catch a cold Mona Lisa, we don't want that to happen. yes, the picture sure is beautiful and full of symbolism.

    i'm glad you liked it,


  2. Oh yes, it can and often is. make yourself as comfortable as possible. A little reverance is often as pretty as kneeling, Leigh.

    thank you for your comment



  3. Beauty is in the things you can do gracefully and full of passion. Not in trying something you want to do because others do it so well. Don't compare yourself with others, believe in your own beauty, is my motto.

    thank you for your comment Cat,


  4. Awwww…kneeling at his feet with his hand on my hair..
    I told you it is to warm here,, can sameone oppen the window, please?
    His hand in her hair… darling, can you oppen two windows at ones ?
    I like your A-Z very much, Han.

    Take care, Han.
    Mona Lisa


  5. Kneeling can be very beautiful when done as you describe Han. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings…


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