E = Exchange of power

In the BDSM community often words are used that have a different meaning to the people that use it. There are a lot of abbreviations out there: D/s SM, B&D etc. that make it not much clearer. Time for a video that explains it all. You will have to sit through the first minutes of the 16 minute video, but after that he really explains it well.

So enjoy the Basics of Power Exchange:


6 thoughts on “E = Exchange of power

  1. Yes, I really agree with him on the opposite quadrants (I like teacher/student better than daddy/babygirl but he explains that really well too). It was for me an insightful diagram.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Blonde.


  2. I do like this video. I like that he sets up the four sections and explained them in a very simple way and then explained that peoples' relationship don't have to fall into one category but may include one or all of the different types. Many bloggers don't like “labels” in describing their own relationship, so something like this explains that labels are exact but kind of gives another person an idea of what their relationship is like. If that makes any sense. I would say that my relationship would fall closer to the Daddy/babygirl but there is other parts of it that can tend to one or more of the others. And if Ty was my Daddy, he would probably give me away, return me….. There is no controlling me, at least that is what he says


  3. I don't think he ment people in BDSM in general have a better mental health, I think he meant they are more in touch with their feelings. And like any model it is a simplification of a complicated subject, so there are many “but” comments to make.

    Nevertheless I really like his opinions about power exchange.
    Thanks for your comment Mona Lisa,



  4. Food for thought is good… I don't agree either with everything and he does talk a lot, but the concept in itself is well thought out.

    Thank you for your comment Cat, and sitting out all 16 minutes LOL,


  5. Ok, I understand now better.
    But I don't believe people in BDSM have better mental health., absolutely not.

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa


  6. Not sure I totally agree with everything he said in the video but thanks for sharing…does give food for thought. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…


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