Quattuordecim challenge this weekend

We decided we should have another. It has been too long. It really is too hectic at home right now to do a Quattuordecim challenge, but what the heck, we go for it! On Saturday we have some time “off”. I think we both need it….


10 thoughts on “Quattuordecim challenge this weekend

  1. Let me tell you a secret, Blonde. I think of my marriage as work. If I become lazy my wife will fire me, like by boss would. If I delivered bad work, my wife would berate me about my work, and I am too f* proud for that to happen.
    So I work as hard on my marriage as I can. And do things she would not expect me to do. For in surprise the marriage is kept fresh.

    I'm sure Ty has good reasons not to begin on a crazy project like this one… I think he is creative enough to do so!

    Love your comment,


  2. Always adding a little spice into the marriage sounds good to me. Why Ty hasn't agreed to take part in something like this, I don't know. You would think he would like the idea and could come up with some very interesting requests.


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