16 thoughts on “Masculism

  1. I think you will look cute working hard and doing nothing, girl with the naughty name, otherwise your man would not be so eager to come home after his many travels…

    What's not to like?


  2. Dang… that ad tells the truth because I know what it is to keep a daily blog, and you, my dear Cat have been doing that for so, so much longer.
    You look perfect to me,



  3. My guy often says that I work too hard. He tells me to not lift a finger. He insists on doing as much of the work as possible. Instead, he'll tell me to “just stand there and look cute.”

    So, I must have the reverse effect. I look cute when I do nothing. =)


  4. Lol..
    I am with you Girls..
    Hmmm. what viamines are they taled about ?
    Someone knows?

    Maybe I will order
    if they will make me look

    Take care, Han.
    Mona Lisa


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