Delft, City Hall

In the night of 4 February 1618 the old Delft City Hall built in the middle ages burned to the ground. Only a tower of the thirteenth century survived the fires. The City Counsel asked a few builders to build a new City Hall and chose the design of Hendrick de Keyser, that also was designing the new grave monument for Willem van Oranje at the time.

De Keyser build a new late renaissance building around the old tower and the building was ready in 1620.

Above the entrance it says in Latin: This house hates rascals,  loveth peace, punishes crimes, treasures human rights and honours the devout.

And in the City Hall there is this wedding room:

And I sat on the left chair.(Like it was yesterday).


9 thoughts on “Delft, City Hall

  1. A very nice wedding room, Han. Surely compared to the one my Wife and I got married in. But the result was and still is great.



  2. I still is a special place for us Mona Lisa. It is really strange standing there a few years later and your kid is singing Sinterklaas songs to Sinterklaas who came down that stairs… Or even now when I see the Japanese people with their big camera's on our town square, and I think: OMG, I'm on a Japanese computer somewhere next month in the folder “Dutch holiday”.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  3. What a wonderful place to have a wedding, Han! 🙂 So rich with history and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  4. Thank you for sharing the wonderful history, beautiful pictures and lovely memory Han.

    Hugs and Blessings…


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