Male pride

A little cheeky is funny. A little bit bold is brave. And sometimes, sometimes saucy can be insolent and rude. I want you to face the wall and lower your pants and undies and think about what you just said….


8 thoughts on “Male pride

  1. You have me there Mona Lisa, I admit it. To look at that glorious butt with her pants and undies on the floor, it is a sight to behold! Really.

    It gives her a chance to calm down. Nothing is as effective as a wall that does not talk back. Our “corner” is just a piece of wall between two closets, but it might not be effective for dogs, children and adults, but it works for us.



  2. A little cheeky is funny. A little bit bold is brave. But other than that Katie, Rob will have to take corrective measures. And I'm sure you'll like them both!



  3. Oh no, Han, the corner time is is not effective either for dogs, children or adults. Admit it, it's the sight of a naked butt you're looking for.
    Corner time!!!

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa


  4. LOL Han! I agree- it is very fun to be a bit cheeky. I think that Rob kind of likes it. Recently I suggested that he might be really bored if I was completely well behaved and submissive 24/7. He laughed and said, “Try me!” LOL! I enjoyed the post. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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