Kissing again

In an interview with William Cane, author of “The Art of Kissing”: Women’s favourite spot to be kissed, other than the mouth, is the neck. Ninety-six percent of women reported that they like neck kisses, while only about 10% of men do, so a guy will not even believe that a girl likes being kissed on the neck because it doesn’t really do anything for him. 
It is just a question of having the patience to find the right spots…


10 thoughts on “Kissing again

  1. I know where that spot is, with Wanita that is. It makes her look a bit… distracted. And what can be more erotic than a kiss on the flower of her chest? What can be more erotic than a kiss on the most responsive spot of a gorgeous breast?

    I do not know Ami. And I'm very glad you don't either.



  2. I'm glad you like the picture Mona Lisa, I just had to post it in this kissing post. I can name a few things one could do with very sensitive area's so I understand what you mean.

    Thank you again, for your comment Mona Lisa, I appreciate it very much,



  3. I always appreciate your comments Blonde, no need to pop in every day!

    Touching and kissing, it is for all of us different. It doesn't matter, as long we we are loved and feel loved.



  4. Yes, telling the spots is nice, but finding the spots just by being aware of her reactions has a beauty on it's own, Cat.

    We should talk more in and outside the bedroom, I agree with you a hundred percent Cat,

    Thanks for your comment,


  5. Hi Han,

    I am not so bothered about my neck being kissed but love my throat being kissed especially that soft spot right at the front. I am also a great fan of my breasts and nipples being kissed. So erotic. It really heightens my responses. I would never have guessed the neck to be the second favourite spot though.



  6. Personally, I am kind of ticklish on my neck, so as long as he really kisses and doesn't tickle me there, then I really do enjoy him kissing there. Cat, with her common sense (above) does know a thing or two, and is right about communication. Ty likes to be touched, me not so much.
    Sorry I haven't been around too much. But when I do pop in, I always try to visit you.


  7. Communication! Both men and women need to communicate where we do and don't like to be kissed, touched, stroked and petted. 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


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