It’s a male thing.. giving points

I know. It is a male pig thing to do. But we are not rating her body here, we don’t say anything if we like the parts of her body or not, we are rating her submissiveness here. Obviously this is a submissive woman. But how submissive is she in the picture?

OK, we are the judges and this is a contest. Let’s give points, shall we.
Face: 8 points,submissive look down to much stuff around the eyes, hair nicely pulled back, but a simple ponytail would have been so much perkier. It is now a messy bun. I know it is fashionable, but I like a simple ponytail, high on the head, better. No earrings. Big earrings would have been nice.

Neck: 6 points. The collar seems heavy because of her posture. Maybe it is heavy, It is metal. The leash makes the picture interesting. It is secured outside the image somewhere. I think the photographer wanted the leash in a straight line downwards. Wrong choice, very wrong choice.

Upper body: 3 points. OK, I looked at her breasts first. Nice breasts. But why not a proud straight back, huh? This bent posture ruins the picture, really. On her knees the submissive must maintain a straight back. She is proud of what she is. The metal cuffs looks nice, but if the back was straight there would not be so much attention to her elbows, because her elbows would rest against her sides.

Lower body: 6 points. The hands. What are they doing? Holding something? Why? Why are they not in a flat position on her thighs? It looks so very untidy like this. Distracting even. Her buttocks make the picture wonderful. Made for spanking, don’t you agree? Boy does this girl have a nice butt. Yum.
The legs are pretty as well. The tension in the toes, the deep seating, the legs apart leaving her all vulnerable and yet secret to us…

So I come up with 8 + 6 + 3 + 6 = 23 points. And you?


12 thoughts on “It’s a male thing.. giving points

  1. Sigh, Blonde. Thank you. Very Much. I asked you by mail to comment on this and I'm very pleased with your comment, it is not two cents to me.

    I do not agree on the earrings. The purpose of this picture is to show off and not to play. Big earrings with a long pendant emphasizes the posture of the head.
    I tend to agree on the leash. Shorter and fastened.
    I agree on your posture remarks they are similar to mine.

    I could not help admiring the butt, sorry bout that. I was trying to make a point about the tension in the lower legs and feet that make a good picture. I ab-so-lu-te-ly agree on the fact that every woman is beautiful in her own way, You don't have to be young or skinny or white to be beautiful… Beauty is in submission itself.

    Thank you so much for your comment Blonde,



  2. I don't think the collar is that heavy Katie, I think the pose is wrong what makes the collar look heavy. It can be very exciting a collar and a collar can have many forms and looks. It doesn't have to be a chocker, you know…

    Thank you for your comment,


  3. The pony tale should be in a nice pony tale, looks like she takes care of her appearance when she is more sharp than sloppy. I like that she doesn't have earrings on. Earrings can get caught on things and make it difficult for her. And maybe her head could be lower unless that is how she is expected to hold her head. Plus the collar looks like she may not be able to lower her head more. So I would agree with you and give her 8 points.
    I don't like the leash at all. It doesn't fit the whole picture. But some may find it pleasurable to look at, I don't. The chain should be shorter and attached to something that we can see or there should be some indication of what is on the other side of the chain. Since she probably is posed, I wouldn't blame her for the chain but would still have to take off points and I would only give it a 5
    Her body is not open enough for a sub. She looks like she is sitting next to her Dom like a pet. When she could actually be waiting for someone. Her body should be open so that she is welcoming any part of herself. The legs spread, the hands are in an open position, her back should be straight with her shoulders back which will also make her breasts look welcoming. Sitting on her calves and feet is good, it helps in making her “pussy” look open. She is giving her total self. So low points for her position.
    It's not her fault that she is beautiful but in reality not all subs look like her, most really don't. I could never take points or give points for her beautiful ass and legs. I just wish I could look like that. She has most likely never had kids and she is probably in her early twenties.
    It's hard to give points to all of this. But since I trust your judgment completely, I will go with 23 points too.
    Thanks for letting me give my two cents.


  4. Interesting perspective Han! 🙂 In my inexperienced vision, I see this woman as submissive, but wouldn't think to study the details. Then again, that is what makes you Doms good at what you do, right?

    I would have a very hard time with the heavy collar… Would make me feel like I was choking. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  5. Ok the pretty lady's pose is definitely submissive – anytime one is on their knees, submission is a given. I wouldn't normally look any further than the kneeling and the collars and cuffs to give points. However, she doesn't look beaten down to me – so it's her choice to submit (my guess anyway).


  6. I was not giving points to her beauty. I think she is beautiful as well, but all women are beautiful in their own way. The points were given on the basis of the submissiveness of the pose. And I think man and women can have an opinion about that.

    Thank you for your comment, Leigh, I appreciate it,


  7. Yes the collar is a bit heavy I think, and I'm glad that women have more sense than men. Giving points is childish. Fun.

    Thank you as always, Mona Lisa,


  8. Han I can see what you mean.
    Because I am not a man, no points from me. But I see a beautiful woman, but that coral is too scary.

    Thank you, Han,
    Interesting reading.

    Mona Lisa


  9. Wow Han! I do like the way you broke down how you judged and awarded points…with your explanations, I have to agree with you.

    Hugs and Blessings…


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