Getting ready for round two


12 thoughts on “Getting ready for round two

  1. Strange why the eyes get so much attention and the hair not, isn't it? I love a simple pony tail. Makes a great steering aid for kissing.
    And other things.

    Naughty grin,


  2. Nothing like a freshly showered clean woman, the natural make-up of a submissive face is enough for me as well!!
    Smile about your comment on the gag. You must be right!

    Lovely comment,


  3. Each to his or her own, Katie. Soft can be good. Rob never made you cry, maybe even from emotion? I think he did… And you loved him for it.

    SKON (Small Kiss On The Nose),


  4. Oh, and her hair should have been in some kind of pony tail and the cuffs might still be on because they are still playing or they just haven't removed them yet. Sometimes we have to clean up our bedroom quickly, while I hide out in the bathroom and the cuffs and stuff stay on till he can get to me. Lol


  5. I guess that that is why I don't wear mascara when we do our scenes. I am usually freshly showered and in position when we play. She must have been topping or whining to still have the gag in her mouth. Maybe next time she will remember to wear waterproof are no mascara.


  6. I note the smeared eye makeup there, Han! Not for me! 🙂

    I'm with Ami and the others. I prefer the softer side of things. Furlined cuffs perhaps and silky blindfolds and no gag things… The stuff Rob knows… 😉 To each his (her) own! Enjoy! LOL Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  7. Hahaha! The eye make up is fine – forget the rest. LOL! I prefer “pretty”, “soft” and “sexy”. But then, I suppose I am what in the old days you would call a “naughty hussy”! (Giggle)



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