Panic in the Netherlands: Sinterklaas has gone mad!

 Alarming news! Extra! Sinterklaas journal reports:

We have a huge problem in the Netherlands. Sinterklaas seems to have burned the wish lists of all the children. Now our wish lists have been burned by Sinterklaas we can safely assume that pakjesavond cannot continue this year. It seems now obvious Sinterklaas has gone mad.

The past few days it’s gotten worse and worse. While all the helpers were panicking about the missing wish lists, Sinterklaas  slowly went to feed the ducks in his underwear dress! He also just traded his loyal horse in a new black horse. Even though Sinterklaas said we shouldn’t worry, we do worry! Surely. Is he insane by over-fatigue? We know Sinterklaas did take a lot of naps in recent times and so often fell asleep. The reporter of the Sinterklaas journal asked the Doctor Piet. Who noticed two weeks ago already that there was something wrong with Sinterklaas: “Sinterklaas showed already very alarming fatigue phenomena and that is unfortunately so has become a classic case of ProrsusDeperdita.
A difficult word, but in the Doctors language it means that Sinterklaas completely has gone mad. “According to the doctor Sinterklaas is very lucky that there is a real doctor is present in the Big Piet house. He told us that he knows exactly what to do.

I’ve even taken action. Tomorrow everything will change.What the plan of Doctor Piet exactly was, he couldn’t tell us.
Professional confidentiality, he said.  

Hopefully it works and we can go ahead with pakjesavond this year.


Has Sinterklaas gone MAD? Doctor Piet takes measures!


4 thoughts on “Panic in the Netherlands: Sinterklaas has gone mad!

  1. You are so right! I hope the doctor Piet has a miracle solution!! OK, there is trouble every year, but never was pakjesavond so near, and we live in constant fear, because of all the kids, you hear?



  2. Does Doctor Piet really need to fix anything or is there a method to Sinterklaas's 'madness'? Anxiously waiting to see what the answer is Han. 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


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