Nice clothes 1

Nice jacket


8 thoughts on “Nice clothes 1

  1. But those are luxuries Wanita doesn't know for sure. She doesn't know what's in the box and if she is allowed to wear a jacket in public.

    Let's wait and see what is tomorrow on the menu. Maybe this is not in the box at all, and it's tomorrows outfit?

    Patience is not my beloved greatest virtue. Though she makes it up by just being herself.



  2. If I hade this girl body and breast… Under jacket no problem.
    If it will be just My husband who will see all…. No problem.


  3. He wouldn't….. No, I'm sure even Han would have more sense than that….
    Think about it, it could get her sent home at work….And then WHAT??
    Nah…. He wouldn't.

    I think. OMG, Cat saw a hard nipple!



  4. ROFL Han…and of course, you didn't even notice the blouse or the nipple. 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


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