Quattuordecim challenge, envelope number 4

Today we picked another envelope. My beloved chose number 4. Is she going for the numbers in sequence?
Anyway. Challenge number 4:

Don’t say I’m not a attentive husband. I have bought you a nice set of clothes. If you accept the challenge you will wear them all for one day in the next 14 days, on the day I will tell you to. But you will not see them until that moment, and I won’t let you know in advance. If you choose not to wear them on the day I say so, the challenge will be lost. If you wear them from morning until evening you win a Q-point.


8 thoughts on “Quattuordecim challenge, envelope number 4

  1. It's not rocket science Ami, just look in her wardrobe and read the labels 🙂 I bought them when I made the challenge (didn't know when the envelope would be chosen) and id I'm afraid it's because it's too big, she has lost 7 kg. in these last months. Weight Watching together with yours truly.

    So I'm not concerned with the sizes (not too small anyway). I have to be honest, I changed already two items over these months. So I think I'm well prepared, but there seems to be always one thing you forget…

    I planto present the package in the bedroom by Wednesday so she can see but not touch until the day she puts it on. She can dream of the contents, and that's nice of course.

    Glad you like the challenge, Ami,
    Thank you for your comment,



  2. I think this is my favourite challenge so far – but Han, do you really claim to know ALL the sizes of everything your wife wears? If you do, you have my deepest admiration! But what if something is too small and hurts to wear?



  3. Well kitten, if she would have done all my challenges I would have paid a wellness arragement for two people for two days. Now he hasn't there are still the chances of going free to the wellness centre for a day, or nealy free.

    I'm sure I've told you my beloved has a bit of an exhibionistic streak in her, opposite to me. So I think, deep down, this challenge is more for her sake than mine…

    So I'm doing something difficult for me, or lose the respect of my beloved. There ARE more sides to a coin, Cat.

    Thank you for saying what you think, I'm sure many will think the same but don't say it,



  4. Han you stinker! Why is it that Wanita always has to do something difficult or lose something? Why can't you do something difficult or lose something? How about Wanita doing something difficult and winning something? 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


  5. Ok, this one looks easy..
    I don't think you are doing it easy for her, Han. I think it is something she doesn't like…
    Hmmm… We will see..
    Wanita, cloSe your eays and put it on you.



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