Close call

Yesterday the movie Carrie on HBO got the advantage over making love. I was sound asleep when she got to bed at 0:30. So when I came home at 19:00 hours, we told our daughter the bedroom was off limits for a while. We had some serious quiet lovemaking to do. So here I am at 21:40 minutes, 10 minutes after closing time freshly showered behind my computer telling you 11 out of 14.



5 thoughts on “Close call

  1. Way to go Wanita! I do understand your daughter's thoughts…my parents only had sex twice…first they got me…then they got my brother…then they stopped! LOL And of course my youngest son has never had sex with his wife and my oldest son has only had sex twice…granddaughter 1 and granddaughter 2. LOL

    Hugs and Blessings…


  2. We told her not to come to the bedroom and tried to be as quiet as we can. She's not stupid, you know. It embarrasses her that people as old as her parents still have sex, it's just. You know. Gross. And in the middle of the day, plllleeeaaaaassse, give her a brake.

    We are not of course. We are not giving her a break at all.



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