Couldn’t resist. A week without a black and white picture. Two for the price of one:


8 thoughts on “Contrariwise

  1. Nothing smells like a dark room, Blonde. Kids think a dark room nowadays is for sex. It's all digital and photoshop these days. I'm getting old talking about the good old days…
    I'm sure your Dad was quite an artist, and he has raised a girl with a very distinct taste for photo's. I always wait for your comment on my picture posts….

    Tribute to all great photographers,


  2. You would love my dad's black and white photos. He is a very talented artist. When I go home, I like to go into his dark room, all the chemicals from developing his pictures just bring back good memories.


  3. Somehow the black and white ones voice the emotions the best, I think. Colour is nice but it distracts from what the atmosphere . Does that make sense?

    Thank you for the comment, I value your comments on the pictures, Blonde.



  4. Great pictures. My dad is a professional photographer (now retired) and he taught me to appreciate the beauty in black and white. But these images are of perfection


  5. Oh, yes there are lots of interesting details about these pictures. The lines are very interesting, the top – bottom is for us interesting, I think…, The fact that in both pictures the legs of the woman are on the outside, so in both pictures she is open, in contrast to the male who is closed. In both picture the male looks down, in both picture the female up and obviously he's not aroused by the sight of her.

    I am,
    Thanks for your comment,



  6. Thank you for sharing these Han…they are absolutely beautiful…love the way the lines of the body are displayed!

    Hugs and Blessings…


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