Weighing Results Last October Week

I’m late in telling you my weighing results of my Weight Watchers Challenge. Lost 1,7 kg this week and since I started I lost 8,8 kg by now. You think there is a relation to our nightly activities and the weight loss? My wife lost 1,0 kg.



13 thoughts on “Weighing Results Last October Week

  1. Thank you. Join our little club. You know, boring as they may be putting my weight every week here is an extra stimulation for me. Don't want to say to you all every week, oh dear, I gained a little again 🙂

    Only do it to please yourself. Not anyone else. There is no perfect size. I signed I petition yesterday against Victoria Secret they only show skinny people in their ads, creating a very distorted image of women. A good woman is round, has curves. Is soft. A good woman is not a pack of bones.

    To do it for your health, to feel better, fine! Go for it!



  2. It helps. All things help. It not exactly the marathon of Rotterdam but a small hour of exercise a day can't hurt.

    And take the stairs at work.

    Thanks Blondie,



  3. Congrats to you, both! Physical activity does lead to calories burned, so it doesn't surprise me that you both lost weight and are having a lot of fun in the process.

    Let's get physical, as the song goes… =)


  4. Congratulations Han and Wanita! So very proud of both of you…happy WW works for you!

    Hugs and Blessings…


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